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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Counting Down!!!

Show time is just around the corner! In 4 more days, I'll be on stage, doin' my thang in Lubbock, Tx at the West Texas Classic!! I feel very ready! It has been a rough road getting where I'm at today., and that's putting it mildly!!! In almost 17 weeks, I've lost 36 lbs and have gotten my body fat down to around 8%!!! This diet kicks my ass! The diet, combined with low body fat, has sent my emotions into a tizzy. It has been the worst emotional and mental rollercoaster that I have EVER experienced. I haven't had carbs since my last cheat meal 4 weeks ago, and I'm definitely showing the signs. I'm always exhausted and feeling totally drained, my emotions are up and down like crazy, I have CRS, and my brain just can't function!!!! The good news is that on Thursday, I begin fat loading. That should pep me up a little and make me feel a little more satisfied. I'm looking forward to that!!

I am very excited to compete on Saturday and show off the results of all my hard work!! I am also extremely excited to go EAT...real food....after the show!! I think what I'm most excited about, is that Q gets to go with me! It means soooo much to me to get to have him there, have his love and support, and a short trip...just the 2 of us!! I plan to take a break for about a week afterward. My body and my mind most definitely need it!! Hopefully, this show will qualify me to compete at Jr. USA's and Jr. Nationals, which means I'll have to jump right back into my diet and contest prep after my short hiatus.

I've pretty much decided that this will be my last year in the competition circuit. I feel like this lifestyle....always dieting and prepping for taking a toll on not only my body, but my family and realationship with the man I love. This past 17 weeks has been extremely rough on him and my kids, and I hate to see that. My family, and my future husband, are far more important than bringing home trophies. I'm a winner in their eyes, and that is all that truly matters.

The attached pix were taken this morning after my cardio, when I was practicing posing with my trainer and friend, Mary:) I KNOW I'm very white right now, but Protan will take care of that on Fri!!