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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Christmas time is here, and new year's resloution time is just around the corner!! If you're looking for unique gift ideas, check out what I've got in my store!! There are some really cute clothing items that would be nice gifts and stocking stuffers! There are some unisex t-shirts that sport the logo in black or white. There are also a few girlie shirts: gray super soft tee with my motto, "CAN'T" is NOT an option! and a pink burn-out tee that says, "Do it Barbie style..with a smile" They're both very cute and super comfy! How about some ultra comfy yoga pants? The rear says, "Got Glutes?" These are very popular! I even have a ball cap...perfect for outside or in the gym!!!

For anyone looking for a great way to conveniently get in all their protein without alot of calories, try Egg Whites, Intl!! There is a banner at the bottom of every page on my site to order them! This is perfect for anyone trying to shed body fat and/or gain muscle. You can order them and still recieve them in plenty of time to begin those new year's resolutions!!

Fitness Unarmed

My site is finally up and running!! Check it out! I will be adding a few new items to my store in the next month or so...boy beaters for the ladies! I will also be joining up with Femme Athletic! Soon, you will also see Femme Athletic gear in my store! I have been working with them for the past few years(on Fitness Unarmed gear).. They are an excellent company to be involved with. They really have their clients' best interest at heart! I'm really looking forward to linking up with them!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to say "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to everyone! I hope everyone enjoys lots of yummy food, family, and friends!!
This is my first Thanksgiving with Q; so I'm very excited about that! I've already begun cooking our feast..for 12(?) people!!!
We are going to Houston's Uptown Park to run the 5k Turkey Trot bright and early Thanksgiving morning. This is a tradition of mine and Jordan's. Q and Jared are just going to watch and be supportive.
My friend/trainer, Mary, is coming over too, which I'm also very excited about! I can't wait to see her relax and enjoy herself...and EAT! She's been dieting basically for a year and has competed several times. She needs a break..and food!
April and her hubby may stop by as well, if they have time between meals:)
Well, that's my story..........Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Gallery

My web site is almost completed! The store is being worked on. I'm hoping it will be functioning properly sometime today. Good news though! My photo gallery is up!! I think Melissa did a beautiful job with the photo gallery. I love it, and I hope y'all do too!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little This and A Little That

Well, I'm just sitting at home, talking on the phone, flipping through tv channels(and finding nothing to watch), waiting for Q to get home from MMA class, and trying not to fall asleep. WOW!! What an exciting night! hehe
Today was progress report day for Jordan, and I'm very proud of him for bringing his grades UP!! He definitely still has room for improvement, but he has been working hard to get better grades. We wanted him to be rewarded for his efforts. So, we went out to eat...he picked the place. We(Q, me, kids) had a good time together at Outback Steakhouse!
Tomorrow is the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. These kids get a whole friggin' week off!! I NEVER had a whole week off for Thanksgiving. Oh well.
Friday is Pilates day for me...and of course, cardio! Friday night is also date night!! Oh yeah!! I have a HOT date....every Friday!!
My bestie, April, is in ATL(at Nationals) and I miss her!!!! My trainer, Mary, is competing there this weekend as well. I can't wait to hear how she does! I'm pretty confident she'll be coming home with her pro-card!! Whatever happens, we are celebrating when she gets back....she's been dieting basically for this entire year. UGH!!!! She's coming to my house next week for Thanksgiving, and I'm gonna make sure she EATS!!! That is SOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
The only problem here that April and Mary will be done dieting...I have to begin...right after turkey day:(
Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I found the cutest shoes at TJ Max today! Woo-hoo!!!
I also polished off the rest of my Ben and Jerry's today. So, I would have to say, it's been a productive day!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still Under Construction is still undergoing some changes. Please be patient. My web master has been very sick with the flu. So, it is taking a little longer than I was expecting. You can still go on my site, but there are some bugs being worked out. The store is not all uploaded yet and isn't functioning at the moment. Also, the photo galleries have not been re-uploaded yet. I just sent her the pics a few minutes ago. It is still going to be a while before my members area is ready to go, too. I need to get a few more photo shoots under my belt before I can start that!
Anyway, just sit will be all done least I hope. I'm keeping my toes crossed;)

Chunky Monkey

OMG!!!! As I've stated before, I am in love with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. WELL, I haven't had the Chunky Monkey flavor in a long time....until yesterday(and today.) It is SOOOOOOO friggin' good!!! how am I going to start dieting in a feew weeks

Chunky Monkey

OMG!!!! As I've stated before, I am in love with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. WELL, I haven't had the Chunky Monkey flavor in a long time....until yesterday(and today.) It is SOOOOOOO friggin' good!!! Did I mention I also love the Coffee Heath Bar Crunch...and the Phish Food...and the Half Baked....and so on...and on..and on. YUMMMMMMM! That stuff is the!!
Being that I need to start dieting for my next competition soon, I'm thinkin' I'd better eat as much of this stuff as possible!! In fact, I'm gonna go eat some more right now!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


My favorite man in the world decided to take me to see "Fireproof" this afternoon! I have been wanting to see it since before it even came out!! I knew it's not a movie that he really wanted to see, so I was surprised and excited that he wanted to take me....just in the nick of time,too because today is the last day it's showing in theaters.
I loved the movie!! It was very insightful, moving, and entertaining. It really got me thinking...that's for sure! I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed Q seemed to be enjoying it as well. He actually said he thought it was a good movie! He also enjoyed watching me cry cuz...uh...I'm a cryer, especially during all the mushy parts:)
We both totally recommend seeing this movie, especially if you're married or in a relatioinship...even if you're divorced!
Go see it! Oh wait, you can't...unless you go today! So, as soon as it's released in stores, go buy it and watch it with an open mind and heart.
Remember, "Being fireproof doesn't mean that fire won't come. It means you'll be able to withstand the flames."

Sadness and Blessings

Today is a very sad day for me and my family. My grandfather passed away last night around midnight(EST.) He was in his late 80's and living with Alzheimers(early stages). My grandmother, 72, was in constant worry for him, especially when she had to leave him home alone for any length of time. Last week, she asked him to help her carry the groceries into their apartment. They live on the second floor. He was behind her, going up the stairs, when he tripped and fell on the top of his head. He broke his collar bone, 3 ribs, and his brain hemmoraged. They really aren't sure if his brain was already hemmoraging, and hat's what caused his fall...or if the fall caused the hemmorage. We will never know. It's not important anyway. It has been a long week for my grandma and the family who is there. His last days, they just kept him comfortable until he passed.
This is sad, but at the same time, a blessing. My grandma said she hates to see him suffer from the Alzheimers, and she would hate to have to place him in a nursing home...which is where he would have had to go if he survived. I know how much my grandma loves him, but I also believe she will be able to live HER life again, not having to worry so much about him.
Sometimes life can be over, without warning. They were just going about their usual activities...carrying in groceries! He never got to tell her he loves her again. He never got to hear those words from her again either. This is why I think it is SO important to tell the people you love as often as possible that you love them. You never know when you might not have the chance again. Take the time to let them know how you feel before it's too late.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bottled Up

Anyone who knows me, knows I say what's on my mind. I say what I think, and I say what I feel. I also tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Chances are, if I'm thinkin' it, I'm sayin' it! An open book is what I am. Keeping stuff bottled up inside is something I'm just not good at. It just seems wrong to not get it out!! I'm learning, though, that some things are better left bottled up inside...although not forever. I'm learning that sometimes it's better, for the sake of sparing another person's feelings, to keep my thoughts and feelings from spewing out of my mouth! I'm learning that if I wait long enough, the appropriate time will come for me to speak my mind! Then, my only problem is trying to speak my mind...without sounding like a total bitch. I'm not always the most tactful...I just say it how it is. Right now, I just have so much "stuff' bottled up that I feel like I'm gonna BLOW!!! I can't get it off my chest because it could potentially be hurtful to someone I care about. I need to figure out a way to say what I'm feeling, in a kind and loving manner. I have a feeling though, that no matter how loving, it's still going to seem harsh, hurtful, and possibly even a little selfish. I'm so NOT a selfish person though. I give, and give, and give, and give. I put my own wants aside so others can have what they want. That's just what I do. Ok, see?? I told you I get side tracked!!!! I guess I really have alot of things on my mind, weighing on my heart, and I 'd really like to get it all off my chest...without hurting anyone else in the process. I could blog all day about what's going on inside this head of mine, but that wouldn't be right either. So, for now, all I can do is leave the bottle capped, be patient, and see what happens. I'm keeping my toes crossed that it all works itself out for the best!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"I'm Stuck!"

OK, I just have to share with y'all something that happened tonight. Our family was sitting at the kitchen table, eating dinner together when Q(my boyfriend in the pic to the right) suddenly had a brilliant thought...and I say "brilliant" with as much sarcasm as possible! He decided he would try putting his foot up to the table JUST LIKE ME!!!! First, he tried to get his right leg up....and failed. Then he tried and tried to get his left leg up. Well, he got it up there alright!! He looked VERY uncomfortable. The look on his face was totally priceless when he looked at me and said, "I'm stuck!" I laughed at him and told him that THAT really sounds like a personal problem! He then convinced that he really was stuck!! I was laughing my ass off at this big man of mine with his leg stuck way up on our table. It was quite a sight!! I then decided to be a nice girlfriend and help him out of his predicament. I carefully pushed his leg back down to where it belonged, but even that was somewhat painful to watch(and hear.) GEEZ!! Was all that moaning and groaning really necessary? I swear, men are such babies! LOL. I bet he'll NEVER try that again!! I told him he'd better not try driving like me either. hahahaha

I'm sure if you just picture this in your head, you will laugh as much as I did!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Check Out This Hottie!!!

Everyone needs to visit my friend's web site!! Her name is April, and she's a good friend of mine! She's a figure competitor...crossing over to bodybuilding. She's super sweet and super HOT!!! Visit her at: Read her bio, scope out her pics, become a member!! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Competition Agenda

Well, as many of you know, I have not stepped on stage this whole year. Wait! That's not totally true. I did make a guest appearance/performance at the Washington State Championships in July. As far as competing though...uh....nada. My plan was to compete at Jr. USA's in May. I didn't feel ready, so I decided to shoot for Jr. Nationals. By then, my heart wasn't in it anymore. I was extremely preoccupied with other things, and I didn't do that one either. So, now I'm at the point that I'm gonna have to re-qualify to do anything national(or jr's.)
My plan was then to compete at the Texas State show, which was to be on Nov. 1(last Sat.) I was totally motivated and ready to get on that stage and kick ass!! My prep was going well...until I came down with strep throat...3 times!!! Then, they decided that my tonsils needed to be removed. OMG, what an ordeal!! I have a very high pain tolerance, but HOLY MOLY...that was f***ing painful!!!! By the time I could get back in the gym, and get off the ice cream diet, I still didn't have enough endurance and energy to do what I needed to do. I had 5 weeks left til show time. I REALLY wanted to continue on to compete, but my body just couldn't do it. Q kept tellin me, "Babe, you have to live to fight another day. There will be more competitions." As much as it pained me to admit it, he was right.
My plan now, is to step on stage in March to hopefully get re-qualified. If I don't place well enough, I'll have another chance in April. My goal is to re-qualify at either one of those shows so that I can continue on to Jr. USA's and Jr. Nationals!!! My mind is made up, and I'm determined to get there!!
Next year, Q will also be preparing to step on stage and kick some ass! We will support eachother and bust our buns together!! He also needs to re-qualify so that he can return to the stage at the USA's at the end of July.
Something else we both think would be fun is to enter a show that has a couple's category!! There's one in Plano, Tx on June 6. I doubt that we'll do that one, but this is something we both want to do at some point...for fun!! Even though, I can't really do bodybuilding, I figure I can do what I can do! I think it could be a fun part of our routine for his arms to act as mine!
We are both extremely competitive. I've come to accept the way they place me, which is somewhat understandable. Q, on the other hand, has no reason(and no intent) to enter a competition without the goal of winning! I asked him if he could deal with us entering a couple's competition, knowing before we even enter, that we probably will not win. He said that he's ok with that! What a man, huh!!!!!
Anyway, that's my update!! Look for me on stage in March...and April, May, June!!!! I will keep you posted on the specifics!!

Making "Limbonade"

Ok, I got this email today from a guy named Jay Gnospelius. He just caught a re-run of my story on Discovery Channel's Medical Incredible. He basically wanted to say, "Nice job" and wants to profile me on his web site and visit with me while he's filming his movie.
Anyway, I'm blogging this because his web site is definitely one U should check out! His story is pretty amazing, and his attitude and drive is awesome! He seems way cool. So, check him out at:
His motto on there is, "When life takes your limbs, make Limbonade."
I LOVE it!!! Now, go check it out!!!!

I Am Blessed!!

I have to say that I am truly blessed with the awesomest friends EVER!!! Because I moved back to Texas last year, I don't get to enjoy being with my AZ friends very often:( However, I do my best to keep in touch, even though we all live busy lives. I value each and every one of my friendships. I appreciate the people they are, the support they give, and the laughs we share!
Last week, a friend of mine was in a terrible car accident and is a walking miracle today! She is blessed to be alive, and I am blessed to still have her in my life!
Sometimes, we neglect to tell our friends how much they mean to us. So, I just wanted to tell all my friends(even the ugly one...he knows who he is) that they are important to me, appreciated, and loved ... mucho mucho!!!! I believe that God has blessed me with some pretty amazing friends, and I am grateful! I love y'all!!!!! :)