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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes

     Today was somewhat of a weird day. I don't feel like I was very productive.  I guess that's because I didn't get much done besides shooting with Incredible Features. Ohhhh, the life of a celebrity.  (haha)  There were a few photographers with me today, doing an update on me and my life, since the last time they ran my story...when Jared was a baby!  That was 13 years ago!  Anyway,  we were supposed to start at noon.  Then it got pushed to 1.  A little after 1, a different photographer/assistant showed up to get started, but he really wasn't informed on what they wanted him to shoot.  He was super cool though:)  He's now a new friend, and we're already talking about shooting some training videos to sell on my web site. 
     Anyway, at 2:00, the original photographer finally showed up (only 2 hrs late), and he re-shot half of what we already did.  Why?  I have no idea.  I just rolled with it. We then took a trip to the gym, stopping at Starbuck's along the way.  We were at the gym a good 2 hours!!  At least while they were packing up ALL the equipment and loading it back into the truck, I was able to get my cardio done so I don't have to go back!  Yay!!  
     Finally, we headed over to a nearby park, just in time for one of our gorgeous AZ sunsets, so he could get some head shots.  It was definitely a LONG day, much longer than the 1-2 hours I was told this would take.  Needless to say,  I'm glad this day is over.  I am always happy about making new friends though, and Cole is a cool dude;) 
     Shannon was visiting with me at my house before the photographers arrived and stayed for part of our shoot.  As always, she captured a few good "behind the scenes" pics.  She never disappoints!! 
So, here is one she shot of me chopping an apple....something I never do.  I usually just bite right in!!  Another is a pic of me and Cole, the fun, laid back, and coolest ever photographer.  Lastly, I thought y'all might like to see who my fantabulous, fun friend, Shannon is!!  Believe it or not, we didn't even talk about our outfits before she came over.  They just coordinate because great minds think alike....and we're both cool like that. (haha) You can expect to see all of the other photos in various magazines around the world! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Media Craze

     I have been in the media a TON lately.  It all started (this time) with the Huffington Post article.  It has all sort of spun almost out of control since then.  I honestly don't get it.  There's a lot of hype over me right now, and I just don't understand why.  To me, I'm just a normal (whatever that is) woman who does normal things....the same things everyone else does.  Yes, I do it without having arms, but SO WHAT?  I've had a lifetime to figure out how to get by without arms!  I feel like there are so many other people so much more deserving of this attention.  I honestly don't care for all the praise and accolades.   
     YES, I hope that my story somehow inspires, motivates, and helps others.  I'd love to see my "No Excuses" lifestyle rub off on the rest of our society!  I'd love for people to understand the power of a positive attitude and a "Can Do" mindset!  I'd love to be a positive role model for the younger generations, especially the girls.  That's what I hope for through all of this.  The praises and fanfare should be going to those deserving of our brave men and women in the military who put themselves at risk for our the families of those men and the law enforcement officers and firemen/firewomen who risk their lives on a daily basis for our the teachers who are teaching our children...and many more!!  I'd like to see them get the attention and recognition they deserve.  
      Back to this media craze:  This week is only half over, and has been and will continue to be busy.  Another interview came out today on,  Incredible Features is coming to my house tomorrow to do a photo shoot and update about my life (they did a story several years ago).   Next week will be just as crazy!   I will be on 'The Doctors' next Thurs, and they are coming on Mon. to shoot their backstory.     The next week,  Phoenix Magazine who already interviewed me a few weeks ago,  is sending their photographer to shoot some photos to go with their article. 
      I THINK I'll finally get a little down time after that.  Whew!!  At least I hope so, because I have other people to focus on! My oldest son is showing his horse (a wild mustang that he trained!)  I can't miss that!  I'm so proud of him!  My "grandson" is turning 2 and has a birthday party coming up, and I have several friends competing in our local bodybuilding show in a few weeks.  I like to be there to support all my friends!!   Other than that, I have a few speaking engagements to tend to.    I haven't even begun to think about the holidays yet!!  Can we please just skip them this year??

Just A Thought

     The other day, a close friend of mine made a comment to me that has stuck in my head and made me think a little.  Me...thinking....scary, I know!  This friend of mine said that I'm one of the few people who is nice to him/her without ever asking for anything in return.
     Yes, it felt good to have my kindness/generosity acknowledged,  but more than that it got me thinking about how many times people are "nice" to others in hopes of, or with expectations of getting something in return.  It's sad, really.  
     It also made me think what a crappy feeling it must be to feel/know that most of the people you know are "nice" to you because of what you can do for them.  I'm happy that I can be that one friend who is just nice because I genuinely love this person and care about my friend. Hopefully, I am a tiny bit of sunshine in this friend's life, even when everything and everyone else is not so sunshiny. 
Think about this:  If you are nice, kind, generous, or giving to someone, with expectations of getting something for yourself in return attached, then are you REALLY being kind, generous, giving, or even nice?   My opinion is NO.  In fact, I believe if you're doing something for someone else in hopes of getting anything in return, it's not only NOT nice, it's downright selfish!  That's the exact opposite of how you're trying to appear.  
     Remember the Golden Rule??  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!  It's a great rule to live by, even if everyone else doesn't.  
     So what if you do nice and thoughtful things for people, and they can never repay you or give back?  Is it really going to kill you to GIVE ANYWAY?  Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive.  I know that's a tough concept for many people to grasp.  Give it a try though.  Trust me, you will feel blessed for sure, and you never know how much a simple act of kindness can mean to someone.  There is joy in giving!
     To my friend: if you're reading this.....I love you:)