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Friday, October 31, 2008

'Closer" Magazine

Just a quick update: Closer Magazine, a women's magazine in the UK, just printed an article about me. I haven't even read it yet...just kinda glanced at it. There's also a space to leave comments on there about the article. If you'd like to check it out, just click on this link: Feel free to fill me in on what you think! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Long and the Short of It

So, if you've seen any pictures of me over the years...or if you know me, then you know how often I change my hair! My hair is kinda like one of my trademarks! The color changes almost every time I go to my hair dresser, and length(and style...or lack of it sometimes) has been over my ears, close to my scalp short, down to my waist, and everywhere in between! The great thing about hair is that if you color it and hate it(or just get bored with it like I do), then you can change it! If you cut it short and decide you want it longer, it grows back!!! Fortunately for me, my hair grows really fast!
In the spring(this year), my hair was well past my shoulders, and I decided I wanted it short again....after growing it out over the last few years. YES!! It's a vicious cycle! Anyway, I got it cut short...and then shorter...and shorter...and shorter! Now, it's the shortest it's ever been. I love it! However, even though I love it, I'm starting to miss my long hair!
Today I mentioned to Q that I miss my long hair. To my surprise(because he thinks short hair is sexy), he said, "I kinda do too!"
So, now I'm deciding whether or not I wanna grow it out again or not. Growing it out SUCKS!! My hair looks like shit during all those "in-between" stages. When it gets to the point that I can't stand it any more, I end up cutting it short again anyway.
What a dilemma!! Decisions, decisions!!! I guess you'll know next time you see me what I decided to do!!

From a Fan

I recieved the coolest emial today from someone who has continued to keep track of me the last few years. His name is Aaron Fields! Anyway, he mentioned that I have not updated my site in a long time. His imagination got a little carried away with the "why"(why I haven't updated my site.) He is quite talented himself, and THIS is what he came up with! Thank you Aaron for your continued support! You really made me smile today! I LOVE your drawing! Thank you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Perfect Protein

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get in all the protein your body needs?? If so, I have what you need!!
EGG WHITES, INTL. is convenient, safe, delicious, and 100% bio-available! Save yourself the trouble of cracking and separating all those eggs; it's already been done for you! One gallon of Egg Whites, Intl. contains 14 dozen egg whites that have been pasteurized(NOT raw) and DOUBLE filtered(no "slime")!! These egg whites have been tested for safety, and they're Kosher!! They have no smell or taste on their own, but they are totally delicious when mixed with your favorite things!
You can drink them straight up, mix them with anything imaginable, bake with them, or make a great omlette!! Anyway ya like 'em, you'll be getting a full 26g of pure protein in every 8 oz(about 10 egg whites.)
I have been using these for about 3 years now, and I love them! You can order them through my site by clicking on the chicken banner or going directly to:
tip: My favorite way to have them is to mix up 8 oz with a little bit of sugar-free chocolate syrup!! I swear it tastes just like chocolate milk!! YUMMMMMY!!!!!!

Fitness Unarmed Merchandise

I just wanna remind everyone that there is FITNESS UNARMED merchandise available!! There are 8x10 photographs, which I would be happy to personally autograph for you, t-shirts, girlie shirts, pants, and hats!!!! If you're looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone, come shopping at: All of these items are available ONLY on my site!! Take a looksy!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I love Ben and Jerry!

Those 2 are total GENIUSES!!!!!! I know I'm not supposed to be eating ice cream, but I like to indulge sometimes! Sometimes, more times than I should. haha. Tonight I just couldn't resist! Let's start w my first flavor: Phish Food...for starters, it's chocolate! Ya can't really go wrong with chocolate! Yes, I like my ice cream like I like my men....I mean MAN...chocolate! hahahahaha. Ok, I get off track easily. Get used to it! So, Phish Food also has just the right amount of marshmellowy gooiness. YUM! Ofcourse, I couldn't be satisfied with only one flavor! So, I had Coffee Heath Bar on top of it!!! The coffee ice cream is perfect...not too coffe-ish. Then it's mixed with Heath Bar, which is something brilliant in and of itself. It added the perfect amount of toffee crunch to my marshmellowy, chocolaty, coffee ice cream frenzy!!! Even better...I had a partner in favorite partner in sweetie, Q!!! He's not big on chocolate(it's ok...that means more for me!) So, he had that yummy Lifesavers Sherbert. It's totally crazy wicked good too!! Ummm, ya...that's another thing we have in common....we both LOVE food! For the most part we even like the same foods! We even order the same things at restaurants most of the time. I sweet, barf, barf, barf. hahahaha. Sorry(not really) I just love that we have soooo much in common, and I love him! I will shut my pie hole about that now. MMMM...pie!!!! What a great idea!!!! JUST kidding....or AM I????????

First time for everything!

Well, this is my first blog! Right now, I'm just sitting in my room. My kids are on my bed fighting as usual. My boyfriend/fiance' is in the other room on the other computer...probably looking at Jordans. That's just one of the things we have in common - we're both total shoe whores. He's into Jordans, and I'm into...pretty much any shoe, especially heels!
Anyway, so many people have suggested that I start a blog. Sometimes, the smallest things that happen in my life have a huge impact on someone else. Sometimes, things are just down right funny. I'm sure I'll have all kinds of stories to share in the future. Other times, I may just share something I'm thinking about. Who knows??!! With me, ya never know what you're gonna get! I'm sure you'll get a taste of what I'm all about...the good, the bad, AND the ugly! LOL