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Monday, October 27, 2008

I love Ben and Jerry!

Those 2 are total GENIUSES!!!!!! I know I'm not supposed to be eating ice cream, but I like to indulge sometimes! Sometimes, more times than I should. haha. Tonight I just couldn't resist! Let's start w my first flavor: Phish Food...for starters, it's chocolate! Ya can't really go wrong with chocolate! Yes, I like my ice cream like I like my men....I mean MAN...chocolate! hahahahaha. Ok, I get off track easily. Get used to it! So, Phish Food also has just the right amount of marshmellowy gooiness. YUM! Ofcourse, I couldn't be satisfied with only one flavor! So, I had Coffee Heath Bar on top of it!!! The coffee ice cream is perfect...not too coffe-ish. Then it's mixed with Heath Bar, which is something brilliant in and of itself. It added the perfect amount of toffee crunch to my marshmellowy, chocolaty, coffee ice cream frenzy!!! Even better...I had a partner in favorite partner in sweetie, Q!!! He's not big on chocolate(it's ok...that means more for me!) So, he had that yummy Lifesavers Sherbert. It's totally crazy wicked good too!! Ummm, ya...that's another thing we have in common....we both LOVE food! For the most part we even like the same foods! We even order the same things at restaurants most of the time. I sweet, barf, barf, barf. hahahaha. Sorry(not really) I just love that we have soooo much in common, and I love him! I will shut my pie hole about that now. MMMM...pie!!!! What a great idea!!!! JUST kidding....or AM I????????

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