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Saturday, December 20, 2008

14 Weeks Out

I'm now 14 weeks out. I only dropped 2 lbs this week(12lbs. overall), which was a little disappointing to me, but Dave said 2 lbs is good. So, I'm gonna just try and trust him!!! I didn't even want my cheat meak tonight. Nothing really sounded good, and I wasn't in the mood. I would've been totally ok with turkey and nuts. However, i knew if I didn't take advantage of getting a chea meal, I'd go crazy by Tues. or wed. lol. So, we went to Carrabba's. I probably could have just eaten the bread with that yummy olive oil and herbs!!! I did eat a meal and dessert too, though. I love that place:)

I'm baking Christmas cookies this weekend with my kids and my friend April.. It's fun for the kids, but it's torture for me! I usually eat half of the dough before it even makes it into the oven! This time, I can't even touch dough or cookies to my lips! UGH!! Anyway, I'm staying focused, and I WILL survive!

Well, I'm exhausted, and I'm headed for bed now!! Good night!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

15 Weeks Out

Here's your weekly progress report! I'm another week into it and 4 more pounds down!! I'm not feeling so bad any more! My brain is functioning again, and I can stay awake now! I'm still not my usual energetic self, but I've come out of my coma. LOL

I've lost a total of 10lbs, which is not bad for only 2 weeks of dieting!! Dave said my pics look much better than last week's. I don't see it, but I'll take his word for it!

I had my first cheat meal last my favorite place...The Cheesecake Factory!!! I had 2 pieces of bread, 1 1/2 sweet corn tamale cakes, 1/2 ranch house burger, some fries, and about half(or a little more than half) of a piece of cheesecake...the one with the fudge cake layers in between the cheesecake layers. YUM!!!! Ofcourse, Q came...and so did Jared, who slept the whole time, and Mary! She ended up taking Q's leftover carrot cake home for breakfast. She said with some egg whites and expresso, it was a perfect meal! I'm jealous! haha

So, on to another week of dieting and training, and cardio!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Work is Cut Out For Me

Today, I am 16 weeks out from my next competition...March 28, 2009. Q took my first set of pics today so we can track my progress. I e-mailed them to Dave, as I am supposed to do on a weekly basis. I also sent them to my trainer, Mary, and I said, "My ass is huge!! Look at this thing! It's a big ol' ghetto booty!! I gotta get rid of this! Holy moly!!"

I've been on my diet since Mon, Dec. 1, and it is kicking my ass BIG TIME!! I feeli like I'm just one giant brain fart all the time. I am totally useless without carbs. My brain doesn't work, and my body doesn't wanna go. i feel like total dog crap. Hopefully next week will get better. I've never felt this bad until usually a few weeks before show time.

Anyway, I want everyone to e able to track my progress with me. So, I will post them here every matter how embarrassing(like today.) I hope you enjoy watching me transform!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Our Thanksgiving feeding frenzy is over, and I still feel stuffed to the max! I feel like s**t, really. I'm starting my diet and contest prep TODAY, and I am ready! Dave said we'll start it up on Wed, when he gets back from Aruba, but...I'm starting NOW! I'm ready to get this lard off my butt and start feeling good again!! I'm excited to start practicing my routine again, which I probably won't do until Jan. or so. I'm ready to look and feel like the athlete that I am! I'm just ready, man!!!! Woosha!!!!