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Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Work is Cut Out For Me

Today, I am 16 weeks out from my next competition...March 28, 2009. Q took my first set of pics today so we can track my progress. I e-mailed them to Dave, as I am supposed to do on a weekly basis. I also sent them to my trainer, Mary, and I said, "My ass is huge!! Look at this thing! It's a big ol' ghetto booty!! I gotta get rid of this! Holy moly!!"

I've been on my diet since Mon, Dec. 1, and it is kicking my ass BIG TIME!! I feeli like I'm just one giant brain fart all the time. I am totally useless without carbs. My brain doesn't work, and my body doesn't wanna go. i feel like total dog crap. Hopefully next week will get better. I've never felt this bad until usually a few weeks before show time.

Anyway, I want everyone to e able to track my progress with me. So, I will post them here every matter how embarrassing(like today.) I hope you enjoy watching me transform!


fields83 said...

Oh the photos aren't that bad lol. I think my favorite is the the expression on your face with the last one Haha.. I get what you mean though. I'm a carb FIEND! I've gotta have my breads and pastas.

Webpress Media said...

Barb, You're doing great!! Keep up the awesome work and yeah, we need carbs to do everything but lose weight/inches!! That's no fun, sistah! looking forward to the pedi tomorrow...Rock on!

Musclebods said...

Hey Barbie.

I just found your site whilst reading the Genex blog. I'm impressed.

I've just started a new website called The Female Bodybuilder Directory. It lists hundreds of fitness, figure and female bodybuilder competitors.

I've added your link in the Fitness and Figure Women section.

The site's still new (I haven't finished it yet) but it's growing every day.

All the best!

Barbie said...

hey, max gxl girl...where have u been?? Haven't seen or talked in a while!! We still need to go get together for pedicures:)