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Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Jr. USA and Jr. Nationals

WHEW! The last month or so has been somewhat of a whirlwind!  I competed at Jr. USA in May and again at Jr. Nationals this past weekend.  
Let's start with Jr. USA. This contest is held in N. Charleston, SC, which is cool because that is somewhere I've never been before!  We didn't really have any time to enjoy the city though.  Competition day was a VERY LONG day!  I had to wake up at 4am to eat and get everything together(meals, suits, etc) and get my makeup on before my 5:30am hair styling appointment and my 6:30am tanning appointment!  I even managed to make it to the athlete's meeting on time by 7:30am!  Fitness routines, as usual, started the day:)  There were 20 girls competing in fitness this time, which is refreshing! Nine were in my class. For some reason, they only had 2 height classes instead of 3. I didn't feel like i did well in my routine at all.  I was disappointed in my performance to say the least.  Only the top 5 got to perform again at finals that night, and I was not in the top 5.  I placed 8th.  I was so ready for the day to be over!  
On to Jr. Nationals in Chicago!  I felt like I did MUCH better at this show!  I was happy with my routine, felt better mentally and physically, and looked better!  I did a few things differently, and I will do them again next time around:)  There were 17 in fitness this time, 3 height classes. As usual, I was in the tall class, along with 4 other girls.  I did place 5th this time.  I was a little disappointed.  I honestly felt like I should've been in third place.  Everyone I spoke to said they had me in third place.  That's not how the cookie crumbled though.  However, because I was in the top 5 of my class, I am automatically qualified to continue competing on the national circuit for another year!
After the show, I did a short interview with Muscle & Fitness Hers and then ventured into the city to see my friend Pierce at FitBodyLab to shoot a video, which included a little working out and some Q & A.  We had fun with this, even though I was beyond exhausted!  Sunday, we spent the day with my husband's family, who all live about 45 min from the show venue. I could vent, but I won't. Enough said about that!  Monday, I had a photo shoot to do, which was interesting because it was SO windy!  Chicago isn't called the windy city for nothing!  We spent the rest of the day walking around the city.  We went for pizza, which I was NOT impressed with at all.  It was SO NOT worth the calories!  Then we headed to the airport, just to sit there for hours because our flight was delayed. Oh the joys of Chicago. LOL  I am glad to be home and back to my normal routine!  It may take a while for me to recover though!
Next year, I'm planning on competing at Jr. Nationals and Team Universe.  Until then, I'm going to continue working on my problem areas and new tricks for my routine!
Here are a few pics from Jr. Nationals:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pink Couture Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of the interview with Pink Couture Life!  I'm not sure what happened with some of the pics and videos that  I took for them. Maybe there will be as Part 3?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pink Couture Life Interview

A few months ago, I did an interview with Pink Couture Life, an online magazine.  The cover, with me on it, came out last Friday, and Part 1 of my interview came out today!  I hope you enjoy Part 1, which is a basic Q and A!!

Part 2 will be pretty cool, different for sure!  I got to answer some of their questions by taking pics and videos!  I thought that was such a neat way to do it! I really enjoyed doing this interview!