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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm a Big Fat Lame Train Wreck of a Mess!

     I feel like I am just a T-total mess today.  I just came from my gymnastics lesson/practice, and I had the WORST day there EVER!  I left there feeling like I'm falling apart, and I was holding back the tears. I was NOT going to let anyone see me cry!!!  I am having yet another set back with back flips.  I was doing awesome after the last set if I came back with a vengeance!  However, my fear is once again getting the best of me and stopping me dead in my tracks when it comes to flipping backwards.  This is so FRUSTRATING!!!!!  I KNOW I can do this!  I was doing them practically on my own pretty consistently! All of a sudden, I'm freaking out over it again!  WTH???!!  My coach(Mika), who is awesome BTW, even told me today that I'm sucking so bad today that I probably should cry.  I love how honest she is:)  Before you get all protective and defensive:it was in a context that when she's sucking, it helps her to just let the tears flow, and she thought it may help me as well. She wasn't being a big mean bitch. LOL  After all, she was right.  I was being a big lame baby! I absolutely hate days like this. It makes me so mad at myself!!
Mika also made a valid point about how I'm not feeling good about my body and my fitness right now, which can totally affect my performance in gymnastics.   I've been banned(by my trainer) from cardio for a while, which makes me feel like such a slacker. He has good reason though, and it's for my own good.   I've had a few weeks of being way off track in the diet department.  I've put on weight, and I feel like a big fat cow!!  As of yesterday, I have wrapped my head back around my eating plan, and I'm pretty much back on track. So, I'm sure the extra weight will make its way off my body in short order.  She(Coach Mika) is right though,  all of these factors go hand in hand.  For now, we are going to learn a few other skills instead of focusing so much on the back flip.  I can always go back to it when I'm ready.  It still infuriates me though. I thank God for a coach who is honest with me and understanding, and I'm also so blessed to have her as a friend.  I feel like there's a reason God put her in my life.  I love you, Mika!!  Thanks for being you!  I'm sorry I'm such a baby sometimes.  BTW, your Michael Jackson moves today were awesome:)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have an exciting announcement to make!  I finally joined up with Isagenix!  I never knew what an amazing company this is!!  They have awesome core values, they give back in so many ways, and the products have changed the lives of thousands!  If you are looking for something different....a convenient way to stay on track with your nutrition to keep you on the path of a healthy lifestyle, or a simple way to lose some excess weight, Isagnix may be exactly what you're looking for! If you want to learn more about the company and the products, you can do so by going to my personal Isagenix website!  Of course, if you have questions, feel free to contact me.  If I don't know the answers (yet), I will get them for you!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

RX Girl Interview

Shortly after I was done competing this year, RX Girl interviewed me via email!  If you'd like to read the finished product, here is the link:

Thank you Jennifer Weaver for interviewing me, and it was very nice to finally meet you while we were in Chicago!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Jr. USA and Jr. Nationals

WHEW! The last month or so has been somewhat of a whirlwind!  I competed at Jr. USA in May and again at Jr. Nationals this past weekend.  
Let's start with Jr. USA. This contest is held in N. Charleston, SC, which is cool because that is somewhere I've never been before!  We didn't really have any time to enjoy the city though.  Competition day was a VERY LONG day!  I had to wake up at 4am to eat and get everything together(meals, suits, etc) and get my makeup on before my 5:30am hair styling appointment and my 6:30am tanning appointment!  I even managed to make it to the athlete's meeting on time by 7:30am!  Fitness routines, as usual, started the day:)  There were 20 girls competing in fitness this time, which is refreshing! Nine were in my class. For some reason, they only had 2 height classes instead of 3. I didn't feel like i did well in my routine at all.  I was disappointed in my performance to say the least.  Only the top 5 got to perform again at finals that night, and I was not in the top 5.  I placed 8th.  I was so ready for the day to be over!  
On to Jr. Nationals in Chicago!  I felt like I did MUCH better at this show!  I was happy with my routine, felt better mentally and physically, and looked better!  I did a few things differently, and I will do them again next time around:)  There were 17 in fitness this time, 3 height classes. As usual, I was in the tall class, along with 4 other girls.  I did place 5th this time.  I was a little disappointed.  I honestly felt like I should've been in third place.  Everyone I spoke to said they had me in third place.  That's not how the cookie crumbled though.  However, because I was in the top 5 of my class, I am automatically qualified to continue competing on the national circuit for another year!
After the show, I did a short interview with Muscle & Fitness Hers and then ventured into the city to see my friend Pierce at FitBodyLab to shoot a video, which included a little working out and some Q & A.  We had fun with this, even though I was beyond exhausted!  Sunday, we spent the day with my husband's family, who all live about 45 min from the show venue. I could vent, but I won't. Enough said about that!  Monday, I had a photo shoot to do, which was interesting because it was SO windy!  Chicago isn't called the windy city for nothing!  We spent the rest of the day walking around the city.  We went for pizza, which I was NOT impressed with at all.  It was SO NOT worth the calories!  Then we headed to the airport, just to sit there for hours because our flight was delayed. Oh the joys of Chicago. LOL  I am glad to be home and back to my normal routine!  It may take a while for me to recover though!
Next year, I'm planning on competing at Jr. Nationals and Team Universe.  Until then, I'm going to continue working on my problem areas and new tricks for my routine!
Here are a few pics from Jr. Nationals:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pink Couture Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of the interview with Pink Couture Life!  I'm not sure what happened with some of the pics and videos that  I took for them. Maybe there will be as Part 3?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pink Couture Life Interview

A few months ago, I did an interview with Pink Couture Life, an online magazine.  The cover, with me on it, came out last Friday, and Part 1 of my interview came out today!  I hope you enjoy Part 1, which is a basic Q and A!!

Part 2 will be pretty cool, different for sure!  I got to answer some of their questions by taking pics and videos!  I thought that was such a neat way to do it! I really enjoyed doing this interview!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Only 4 More Days

I am really starting to get excited about competition this coming weekend!  I've only got 4 more days left until the big day!  Today, I will get my last routine practice in, which I really need since I was sick most of last week and didn't get to practice.  Tonight, I will run those bleachers one last time.  Tomorrow morning, I will get my butt to the gym just to do some lighter weight/higher rep sets to get some blood pumped into my muscles and do some posing in the sauna to squeeze out as much water as I can.  The rest of my day tomorrow will be more relaxing, fun, girly stuff like a pedicure and hair color/cut!!  Yay!!  That sounds like a perfect day!!  I hope to get most of my packing done tonight so that I can just chill with my kids tomorrow night and go to bed EARLY!  We have to fly out VERY early Thurs. morning!!  Friday will be just relaxing, eating, tanning, and checking in!  I can't wait for Shelly and I to share out first national (well, Jr. National) show together, as well as see some more of my friends there!!  I'm also hoping to squeeze a photo shoot in while we're there!  Of course, when we get back, I will post some pics and tell y'all all about my experience at Jr. USAs!! Stay tuned!  xoxo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't Stress?

So, I'm competing in 5 days, I've been sick for nearly a week. I've missed a few workouts, I didn't practice my routine at all last week, and I still feel like crap.  How am I supposed to not stress out??  I don't have the answer to that question, BUT  I am going to do my best.  I've worked hard, trained hard, I know my routine, and I'm sticking to my diet.  I'm seriously hoping that I will be feeling better very quickly so I can stroll right onto that stage and rock their socks off!!  Hopefully, I will be able to get into the gym a time or two as well before we take off.  However, if that doesn't happen, I'm still going to do my best to just relax and roll with it. There's not really anything I can do about, right?!!  It's part of "accepting the things I cannot change."  Wish me luck!! xoxo

Friday, May 11, 2012

No Time For Sickness

Tomorrow, I will be ONE week away from stepping on stage again!  I am excited and feeling fairly ready.  I'm stressing a bit because my body is trying to fight off sickness.  I have had a sore throat for 3 days now. I keep thinking it's probably just allergies, but it gets progressively worse each day.  I took Wed. completely off from the gym to rest. I did train yesterday, did only 30 min. of cardio, and ran bleachers last night.  I am once again resting today, except for posing practice later with my friend Shelly. Other than that,  I guess I'll just be doing mom things today like doing laundry, going to the grocery store(my 3rd home), and going to watch Jared do all his events at his school's field day today!!  FUN!!
Anyway, even though I'm feeling a little "under the weather," my body fat is still dropping, and my body is tightening up...yay!!!  I finally got on the schedule with Laurie St. Micheals to get my hair done for the show next week too.  That's one less thing to worry about now:)  I'm still waiting on confirmation and times for tanning, but I know how that goes.  It'll come next week some time.  Now, as soon as I get my suit and costume back from being altered, I'll be set!!   Before I say goodbye, I'd just like to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the awesome moms!  I hope you have a great weekend and a very special Mother's Day!!  xoxo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Barcelona AZ 99 Girls

Nearly a month ago,  I had the opportunity to speak to a group of girls and their parents at their soccer end of the season banquet/dinner.  Their coach and his wife are friends of mine from the gym.  They are the Barcelona AZ 99 Girls!  Coach Jimmy threw them a nice banquet, where they all got to get all dressed up and have a nice dinner with the team and all the parents.  This was a pretty special night for them.  Anyway,  I knew I was going to share my story with them, but I also wanted to speak about topics that are relevant to 13 yr. old girls and make an impact on them.  I spoke a lot about learning to love yourself and being true to who you are, rather than following the crowd to fit into what "they" want you to be.  I spoke about following your dreams, setting goals and going after them.  I spoke about what it takes to get where you want to go in's not always easy!  It takes self discipline, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, and NO EXCUSES!  I did go into the "CAN'T" is NOT an Option speech.  Of course, I used examples for all of the above.  I think it went well, and Coach Jimmy and his wife Sammie have since told me that they had a lot of positive feedback from the parents.  The girls seemed to enjoy it as well.  They really opened up and got into it when we had some Q & A time:)  I know how difficult it can be at times to be a 13 yr. old girl, and I only hope that what I had to say to them got through to them in some way.  I hope that the words I spoke to them got into their heads and their hearts.  I hope that when they are going through certain situations, they recall the things I said that night.  They sure are a good group of girls, and I want to share with you a photo that they sent to me.  Thank you, Coach Jimmy, Sammie, and all Barcelona AZ 99 Girls (and parents!)

Eleven Days Out

I am now less than 2 weeks away from my next competition, Jr. USA Championships!  Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered an aerial to put into my routine:(  My schedule and Jessica's schedule always seem to conflict. We just have not been able to work together enough on this.  That doesn't mean I'm giving up though!  Other than that, I feel satisfied with my routine.  I do feel like I may be a bit behind physique wise.  It's my own dang fault.  I was really struggling to keep my mitts out of the nuts.  I was eating them like they were going out of style!  I finally decided to have my husband hide them from me.  I put them all in a box, and he took them away! We shall reunite in a few weeks:)  Cutting out the nuts has helped, and I'm seeing some improvement already.  I think that the way my body looks right now is how I should look at maybe 4-6 weeks out, not 2 weeks out.  Am I my own worst critic? Am i just being too hard on myself? Maybe, but I don't think so.  I am doing my best to pull it all together so I can shine on stage.  So, what am I doing to pull it together??  I'm drinking even more water...2 gal/day now.  I'm drinking coffee now to help suppress my appetite.  Most days, I'm ok, but some days, like this past Sunday...not ok.  I was so hungry and craving EVERYTHING!  Feeling like this tends to make me cranky, which is no fun for anyone.  I've also added green tea and plenty of lemon water to help get rid of water that I'm holding, especially in my lower back and hamstring area.  I will start practicing posing in the sauna again next week too.  I'm also wearing a neoprene waste trimmer whenever I can, and today I've started putting Eviscerate Smolder (it's a topical/transdermal fat burner) on my abs, lower back, hips, and buttocks....with the waste trimmer around my mid-section. WHOA!!!  Talk about HOT!!!  I love it!  I'm getting some extra bleacher workouts in as well, just to get as conditioned as I can!  Yesterday, I met with Kelli to practice posing, and back was so sore from it!  Anyway, she said she thinks I look better than I looked at the March show.  I dunno.  My husband says he doesn't think there's any difference, except that my quads look better.  I want to believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle. LOL  I'll be going to a group posing session on Sat.  I will see if I can get someone to snap a few pics of me so y'all can see for yourselves if there's any progress since last time.  So, stay tuned!!  xoxo

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Special Blessings

A few months ago, I was invited to be an honoree at a Special Blessings Amputee Expo.  Special Blessings is a support group in AZ for parents of children with limb differences, as well as adults with limb differences.  I don't usually associate much with the amputee groups.  I guess I've just always chosen not to because I feel like being an amputee isn't what defines me.  If something has to define me, I'd rather it be that I'm a fitness enthusiast, competitor, athlete, inspirer/motivator.  Most of the time, being an amputee doesn't even factor in anywhere.  However, I was there for a friend when they started this support group. So, I agreed to go and be a part of this, even though I wasn't exactly thrilled, but whether I like it or not, being an amputee is a part of who/what I am.  Tt never even crossed my mind that although I didn't need the support, I could be the support for others in need of it.  I could be a blessing to someone else who might be going through some of the same things I have already gone through!  I actually loved seeing the faces of the younger children who have differences.  I met a 3 yr old little girl named Bella, who actually lives only a few miles from me. She is missing her left hand and part of her arm.  I think she was actually happy to see me, as well as other children who are like her!!  After a while, she put her prosthetic on, which was a tiny little hand that was much like one of them that I used to have.  I told her that I used to have a hand like that, and I used to paint the finger nails and put rings on it!  She was ecstatic to think that that could be done!  Her mom asked if she wanted to paint her finger nails when they get home, and Bella LIT UP!!  She was so excited!  It almost made me cry to see how happy that made her!  Just meeting her was totally worth my time and drive out there.  I also met another little boy named Luke, who I met once before at the mall in the Lego store.  His parents had questions for me, and I will be helping them and working with him on some tasks that he needs to master.  I also connected with a mother of twins(one was missing an arm) who was very distraught and really having a difficult time coping.  I hope she will call me so I can offer her some support and encouraging words when needed.  I met some other wonderful people too.  I am so glad that I agreed to go because it blesses me to be able to help others and be a blessing to them.  Helping others and watching them grow and succeed is the most rewarding thing one can do.  I am so looking forward to getting together with these children and their parents to help them out however I can and showing them how much a '"CAN'T" is NOT an option!' attitude helps! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Combing My Hair

I still don't get why stuff like combing my hair is so interesting, but you know me.... I aim to please!  So, today you get to see how I comb my hair. Again, I use my left leg as my stabilizing leg, and my right foot to hold the comb or brush. It looks like this:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


According to the results of the poll I took recently, you wanted to see more of how I do things with my feet.  So, I've had my son taking some pictures of me doing random things.  Today, we will start with how I text!  People are always amazed and in awe when they see me texting with my fat little toes. Now you get to see it too!  I hold my phone with my left foot and text mainly with my big toe on my right foot. I've been able to text on every phone I've had, even phones with the tiniest of buttons:)  It looks like this:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tune In Tonight

Tonight, I will be a guest on a radio blog show! Be sure to tune in!  You can listen here:

I'll be on at 10pm EST.  I hope you enjoy listening!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Variety Is The Spice of Life

In this case, variety is the protein of life anyway:)  Have you ever wondered what my "protein station" looks like? Well, wonder no more!  It was hard to get everything in the picture, but you'll get the idea. I like a variety of proteins and flavors!  In the pic, there are 6 different canisters of protein, BCAA & Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, a blender, and a Magic Bullet.  What you can't see is my Starbucks Via(single servings), cinnamon and Stevia mixture, Pumpkin Pie Spice, unsweetened dark cocoa, and several flavors of liquid Stevia. Just like I like to vary my workouts, I also like to vary my protein shakes!  It doesn't have to be boring!!  It's like dessert to me!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Interview

I know, everyone who interviews me asks the same questions, but I thought some of you may be interested anyway:)  Have a great day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Am Determined

My next competition is in 5 first national competition!  Something I've always wanted to do is an aerial!  I think including one in my routine would be super cool!  I am determined to have an aerial in my routine this time!!  For those who don't know what an aerial is, it's basically a no-handed cartwheel.  I started this past week practicing with a friend of mine who coaches tumbling.  She's doing her best to help me!  She does a great job of spotting me and making sure I land on my feet!  Anyway, I do believe I will be able to do this on my own, without a spot, soon!!  I'm keeping my toes crossed anyway!!  I definitely have enough power in my legs to carry me through the aerial. I just need to practice practice practice!  Repetition is what it's gonna take, and I feel  confident that I WILL do this in my routine this time around!  Here is a shot of Jessica and I practicing in my front yard.  This was the first day we started. So, she was spotting me very heavily.  BTW, thank you Jordan for taking this picture!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Day With Jessica

Today I spent the afternoon and evening with Jessica Cox.  For those who don't know of her, she is an armless lady as well. Jessica even flies a plane!  Anyway, she just began shooting a documentary, and she asked me to be part of it!  About 10 years ago, I sort of mentored her and helped her out with learning some tasks and answering her questions.  I'm always happy to help!!  I now how much it helped me to have a mentor when I was younger!  I guess I had a pretty big impact on her life, which is something I didn't know until now!  That makes me really happy!  She is getting married next month and plans on starting a family. So, I have a feeling I'll be meeting up with Jessica more when it comes time to care for a baby!!  Lucky for her, I've already got all that figured out!!  That will be exciting!!  I am happy for her and can't wait to see this documentary!  Jessica, her fiance Pat, and all the camera crew had dinner at our house tonight so she could see how I cook for my family!  Don't worry, I stuck to my diet!!  I think cooking may need to get onto her list of things to learn now.  Pat, you can thank me later.  LOL  Anyway, after dinner we took a pic together, and here we are!!!  The Philipina and the Amazon.  haha


Making Time for YOU

In our fast paced, hectic lives these days, I know many people have difficulty trying to get everything done, much less finding the time to take care of themselves!!  It's like we need more hours in the day!!  I find this especially true for moms!  Moms who have small children and/or work outside the home barely have the time and energy to fit in all the mom duties much less find time to take care of themselves.  Need to fit in your workouts? Want to get a pedicure or facial?  How about just a nap?  Maybe you just need a date with your husband or a night out with the girls??  The question is WHEN??  I know, I know... there are kids to feed and bathe, a house to clean (multiple times per day if your children are little), laundry to do, errands to run, meals to be cooked, bills to pay, homework to be done, and OH let's not forget that Mom needs a shower too!!!  I know; I've ben there! Even though my kids are a little older and don't "need" me as much any more, sometimes I still wonder, "Hmm, when can I get to the gym today or fit in a pedicure?" because of their events...sports, guitar lessons, parent-teacher meetings, and running them around everywhere like a taxi cab service!  Something my mom told me when my oldest was a baby, and it's very true, is that if you take care of you, you will be a better mom!!  When I started taking time to take care of myself, I did become a better mom!  I was more calm, more patient, less stressed, and had something to look forward to besides dirty diapers, messes to clean up, and baby talk.  I think for a while I forgot how to have an adult conversation!!  
Ok, Ok, so WHEN???  Some people find it easiest to go to the gym early in the morning while their kids are still asleep and the husband is home.  I used to wait until my husband was home in the evenings to get myself to the gym.  Then, I realized that it's not gonna hurt my kids to take them to the kids club at the gym either! So, they started going with me.  At least I got two hours to myself and to be around adults!  As far as other things, like getting pampered or going on a date with my husband or the girls, I scheduled it in, as if it were an appointment! Make a promise to yourself NOT to cancel these appointments!  Your kids will survive with a babysitter or your husband!  if the dishes or laundry aren't finished, guess what??  They'll be there tomorrow OR God forbid, you have your husband do it!  If you're not married (I was a single mom too for several years) then the dishes and laundry won't go anywhere...I promise...they'll still be there tomorrow.  
Taking time for YOU doesn't make you a selfish or bad mom! In fact, you'll be a happier mom!  Make appointments for yourself to take care of you! You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Self Sabotage

I was talking to a good friend of mine today about a few things that I decided would be good blog material. So, here goes!!  Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally sabotaged your own progress? I have!   This could be fitness related or not, but I'm going to use fitness as the example.  In this day and age, we've gotten to the point that instant gratification is what we want ALWAYS!   Unfortunately, reaching your fitness goals just doesn't happen instantly.  It takes time, dedication, self-discipline, and hard work!!  After all,  the weight didn't just pack itself on over night. So, how can we expect it to come off that fast??  I KNOW it can be discouraging when you don't see the changes that you had hoped for as quickly as you had hoped for them.  TRUST ME when I say I know how hard it can be to take off weight!  I've had to do it!  I know what a mind f*** it can be!  Unfortunately, there are times when we don't think we're making progress fast enough and begin sabotaging ourselves.  It's easy to start slacking on the workouts, start eating bad food, and in a sense giving up altogether!  I mean, why not right??  If the weight's not coming off, we might as well just eat until our hearts are content!  WRONG!!  This is NOT going to get you closer to reaching your goals!  Besides clogging your arteries and putting the fat back on, you're going to be disappointed in yourself!  Consistency is what's going to get you to your goal!  The best thing you can do is forgive yourself, pick yourself back up, and get back on the wagon.  If you are doing the work, results WILL follow!!  
    Now, speaking of doing the work, something else we talked about was people who half-ass their way through life and expect the same results as those who put in 100% effort!  If you seriously want to lose the extra weight or reach your fitness goals, you've got to be serious when it comes to your approach!!  You cannot half-step your way through your training program, and you cannot half way stick to your meal plan!  If you're going to do it AND GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT, you've got to give it 100%!!  You cannot do half-ass workouts and/or sneak junk into your diet and then wonder why your body fat is still so high!!  You want that 6-pack?  You want to fit into those skinny jeans?  How badly do you want it?  I promise you that if you stay on the straight and narrow with your meals and totally kick ass when you're training, you WILL get the results you want!  No wimpy workouts allowed!!!  One of the analogies I used...because I tell my kids this all the time...was a sports analogy.  If you're gonna half-step your way through practices, that's exactly how you'll play in the game! If you give it all you've got every single time you're on that field, you'll be playing at 100% come game time!  It's the same with any sport, with any goal, and with everything in life! Always give your all!!!  In the end, you will be satisfied with the results and proud of yourself for doing YOUR very best!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Web Site Changes

I am excited to announce that my web site has been given a whole new look!!  It took some time, but it's finally up and running! It's live!!  Besides the new look, the info has also been updated!    I hope y'all like it!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nuts About Nuts

If you're as nuts about nuts as I am, then you know how hard it can be to be disciplined and only eat a "handful" of nuts.  A handful means different things to different people. For me, it would mean zero. LOL.  I'd prefer to find the person with the biggest hands and ask them to get me a "handful." Typically however, when they say eat a handful of nuts, what they really mean is just tease yourself and only eat an ounce or 1/4 c. of nuts.  For me that's hard to do because I love them so much!  Apparently, Blue Diamond is aware that many people share this problem, and they came up with a genius idea!!  They now have ounce markers down the side of the nut jar!!  I think this is the coolest thing, and I just wanted to share it with you! 

Good job, Blue Diamond!!  Thanks!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fan Page

I'm getting a TON of activity on my Facebook page and literally HUNDREDS of friend requests daily.  So, I decided to start a fan page.  You can follow me easily there instead of having to make a friend request. All you've got to do is "Like" my page. That makes things easier for both of us!!!  Going through friend requests, messages, and comments has become a full time job!  Hopefully, this will make things a little easier.
Here is that link: 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Word

My secret to success is simple. Clear your mind absolutely of one word - "can't."  - Samuel Johnson

This is an awesome quote that I feel totally reaffirms my motto:
"CAN'T" is NOT an option!!
Thank you, Alli Moyer, for sharing!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 More Weeks To Go

     Today is exactly 8 weeks away from my next competition, Jr. USA Championships!  I'm excited about this one!  It will be my first national (jr. national) show!  I've been qualified several times in the past but never before ventured onto a national stage. I'm ready to do it now, even if it's for nothing more than the experience itself!  I'm going to have to work very hard for the next 2 months to make sure I'm as ready as I can be. Being that the weather is warming up and beautiful, I'l be spending plenty of time on the bleachers working on conditioning.   I'm going to spend some time on a dance floor sprucing up my routine as well.  
     As if I wasn't already excited, now I'm even more excited because today, a friend of mine who just took home 1st place and 2nd place trophies in her figure divisions, decided to go to SC and compete at Jr. USA's too!!!  I am on cloud 9 about that!  We are, at the very least, going to have so much fun!!  

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Pics

I just thought I'd share a few new pics with you!  These were taken one week prior to competition.  The hot blonde that's in one of the shots with me is my friend, Shannon:)   You can check her out at  There is TONS of useful and motivational info on her site that you're sure to love!

Don't Forget To Eat!

I know, I's hard to fathom that some people forget to eat, but believe it or not it happens.  It's a common problem too.  I have heard the complaint from people that they are eating right and working out but cannot lean out or lose weight.  When I ask what they're eating, how often, etc, they say they actually forget to eat and can go an entire day without eating OR they're eating a ridiculously low amount of calories.  Then I ask, how much exercise they are getting, and the list goes on an on....running 4 mi/day 3 days/week, spinning class 3-4 days/week, swimming 2 days/week.  You CANNOT expect your body to function efficiently without sufficient fuel, just as you wouldn't expect your car to run without fuel.  When you do this, your body goes into "starvation" mode and wants to hold onto (store) everything you feed it!  Your metabolism isn't working properly and isn't revved up because there's nothing fueling it!  I just made the suggestion to a person today to stop working out for just a few weeks and focus on eating regularly.  I suggested she set alarms on her watch or phone for each time she needs to eat...every 2-3 hours!  It was like a light bulb went on in her head when she replied that on days she doesn't work out, she doesn't gain weight...makes sense to me!  Remember, under eating can be just as damaging as over eating!  Make sure you're getting enough food to sustain you through your daily regiment, while getting all the nutrients your body needs!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Competition Day...In My Opinion

Nearly two weeks ago, I competed once again after a 3 year "retirement."  I really enjoyed being on stage again and being with all the other athletes/competitors.  It's also nice to meet new people and make new friends.  It just so happened that 3 of us who competed in fitness out of the 6, competed together way back in 2005!  It was a little reunion of sorts, which I think is so cool!  
     So, how do I feel I did? How do I feel about the results?  Well, IMO, there's ALWAYS room for improvement.  Of course, I am my own worst critic too.  I felt like I really struggled in the routine round.  I was exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, etc.  I messed up in a handful of spots in my routine in the morning, and I was super bummed about that, but everyone said that it wasn't even noticeable. Even so,  I think it was quite obvious that my energy level was extremely low.  When the routine round was over,  it was kind of a relief. After all, that was the hard part! Comparisons and quarter turns are a breeze...well, if you've practiced enough...which I had.
After prejudging was over, we headed straight to The Cheesecake Factory to get some fuel in my system..and then to Yogurt Land (the BEST frozen yogurt EVER)!  I filled up and totally enjoyed it!!
We still had several hours before we had to be back for the evening portion. So, Kelly and I headed to Nordstrom's for some MAC shopping. Then, we just hung out and put our feet up while she got some work done on her laptop.
When the time rolled around for routine round in the evening, I was feeling confident and full of energy! However, I messed up AGAIN!!!! It was only one spot, but it was pretty obvious. However, I felt like my performance was much better than in the morning.  I was more relaxed, a little bit hydrated, and not hungry!  Although, it felt like a better performance, I'm not sure it actually was.  When all was said and done, it was evident to me that the morning performance really was the better one, once I watched the videos.  That's fine though.  If one of them had to better, I'm glad it was the one in the morning!
A little later, after we did our quarter turns again, I got a surprise!  The promoter decided to give me a special and unexpected award for "The Most Inspiring Athlete in Arizona."  He said some nice things and ALMOST got tears out of me, but I held back...I didn't want to mess up my makeup!!
Now, all that was left to do was wait around to see if I was in the top 5.  In every competition I've ever been in, I get placed dead last, whether that's 1st(when I was the only one) or 17th!  So, I totally expected to be in 6th place, which would mean no trophy and no qualification for Jr. USA's.  Qualifying for Jr. USA's was my main goal!!!  I was debating whether I should leave or hang out to see.  Something in me mad me stay JUST IN CASE I didn't place last for a change.  I am sure glad I stayed!!  Out of 6 competitors, I placed 5th!!!  For me, this was a BIG DEAL!  Not only did I NOT place last, I was now qualified for the next level!!  I think I was on cloud 9 for at least a week!!!  I still think I should have been in 4th place, but you won't hear complaining from me. I qualified for the show I want to do, and that's good enough for me!!
So, what's next???  For the next 8 weeks, I  am back in contest prep mode.  I will continue to work on my glute conditioning and overall conditioning.  I am also going to work on sprucing up my routine and fixing the problems that I saw in the videos.  Then, I'll be off to SC in May for Jr. USA! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Competition Videos

Videos from the competition I was in last weekend are now posted on my YouTube Channel!!  I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to comment on them as well!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

According To My Poll

I know...there are still two days left to vote on my poll about what YOU, my readers, want me to blog about.  However, it looks like "How I Use My Feet" has won by a LONG shot!  So,  after I'm done competing this weekend AND after I get back from our spring break trip, I will start having my kids take pics of me doing things!  I will also give a brief description of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.  After all, YOU are the ones reading my blogs. So, your wish is my command...within reason of course;)  TTFN!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Am Pleased

When I was going through all those health issues a few years ago, my weight had gotten up to 182lbs.  It took it's toll on me big time, physically and mentally.  When I was able to, I got the weight off through lots of hard work, good eating, and dedication.  However, I NEVER thought I would see myself looking competition stage ready again.  I am very pleased with myself right now!  For the first time in 3 years, I am down to 115lbs again.  I will still be competing at a higher weight than I ever have, but I feel and look better than I ever have too!  I'm a happy camper;)
Yesterday, even my younger son Jared, commented on my abs. He totally made my day!  After this competition, I will continue working on my glute conditioning and routine and will hopefully be focusing on competing at Jr. USA's in May. That's my goal, anyway!  If I happen to not re-qualify, I will just make another goal! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Great People

Another random thought, short and sweet:
One of the things I like about being in the fitness industry is all the great people I meet!!  I feel like I meet new people and make new friends all the time!  Just a few examples are: last year, I helped a friend with her posing for her first figure competition, and through her, I met my friend Shannon...who is super-d-duper;) She's one of the most fun chicks I've ever met.  She's just an all around great person; beautiful inside and out.  I've also met so many nice people through STS, which I love. Among those, to name a few...Kelli, Scott, and someone else who is a really cool, sweet, and beautiful gal named Shelly.  I see a friendship blooming there, and I'm so happy.  Maryn is another...we will be competing against/with each other this coming Sat.  I got to hang with her a little a few days ago, and she too is such an extremely sweet girl!  I feel really blessed to know so many awesome people and to have some truly amazing friends who can all inspire, motivate, support, and encourage one another!!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

15 Weeks Down and 1 To Go

     This is my LAST week of contest prep before the big day!  I am SO excited!!  I feel like I am least as ready as I'm gonna be at this point.  Obviously, there is still room for improvement.  There always is!  I feel good about my routine, my posing, and my physique( except for that pesky glute area.)  
    Mon - Thurs. this week, I'll be doing a little less cardio, very light training, and a few more practices.  Thurs. and Fri. I'll be drying out and staying thirsty.  This part, I really hate.  I will park my butt in the sauna for a little while on both days and practice posing in there to help squeeze out the water.  I will be getting a pedicure at some point this week too.   Fri. night is tanning and check-ins and eating...yay!!  
Saturday is going to begin VERY early.  I'll be up by 5:30am to get my make-up on and pack some food before my awesome hair guy comes over at 6:30am to do my do;)  I have to be there to get one more coat of tan by 8am, meeting at 8:45am, and on stage at 10am!!  I can't wait!!!  I feel more ready than I have ever felt before any competition! It's a great feeling!  
     So, what am I looking forward to eating when the show is over?  It's weird, usually I am craving pizza and sweets.  Right now, all I really want is frozen yogurt and sushi...not together of course;)  Then, I want to go to Pappasito's when my kiddos and I get to Houston!  Other than that, I'm totally fine with what I'm eating now.  
     I am HOPING, and my toes are crossed, to re-qualify so I can go to Jr. USA's in May.  My plan is to get right back on track with training, cardio, and diet when I return from Houston. Hmmm....scratch that.  I'll get back on track with diet when my kids' spring break is over. I want to enjoy lots of stuff with them. They look forward to that when I'm competing. Anything for THEM, right? *wink, wink*

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ankle Weights Are Sexy

As I said I would, I got someone to snap a shot of me wearing those ever so fabulous, fancy, and fashionable ankle weights that I wear when I'm practicing my toe touches and high kicks!    BTW, "Fancy" seems to have become my word lately, thanks to Shannon and her son. hahaha  Anyway, I think I'm going to bring back this trend in fitness! It's so hot, don'tcha think??!!

A Sneak Peek

I finally got around to trying on my outfits today that I'll be wearing in the competition NEXT WEEK!!  I thought I'd share a little sneak peek with you. WARNING!!  These are NOT good quality photos...just phone pics, and I'm not doing any cute poses or anything.  Also, I'll be wearing fishnet leggings under the shorts for my fitness routine.  I'm ready to rock and roll, people!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

News Segment

The news segment I was on this morning went pretty good. It was just a very short interview, and I didn't get to say very much.  I felt like I just stood there and nodded my head most of the time.  I think I just need my own show. haha Anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

p.s.  The Sweat Magazine article will be in either the April or May issue.  That's as much as I know at this time.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Media Time

     If you happen to live in Arizona, turn your TV to News Channel 3 this Friday(March 2) morning!  Yours truly will be interviewed by Scott Passmore!  They wanted to cover my contest prep! He hasn't given me any idea yet as to what type of questions I will be asked, but I'm guessing it'll be mostly about competition stuff.  I believe you can also go to to see the interview.
    Also, Marty Hames, who works for News 3 as well, is writing a story about me in 'Sweat Magazine!'  You should be able to pick that issue up sometime in the next few weeks.  Again, I will let you know when it will be available!


This is pretty random, but I'm going to share it anyway.  I am picky about what socks I wear.  I only wear socks when I'm working out, but still.  I don't like them too thick or too thin. I like them to be fairly tight fitting. I hate when the socks are too long, and I get that big bunch of sock bunched up over the back of my shoes. It also bugs me when they don't stay put and start inching their way down into my shoe.  So, I try to buy good socks!  However, I have found that I REALLY like the socks from Target the best, and I find them on sale for $4.99/3 pairs!  They are the ALL PRO GOLD TOE AQUA FX.  The Adidas socks are always too big and scoot down into my shoes. I've tried Asics, Nike, and Under Armor, but I keep going back to the Target socks!  I do like the Feetures socks, but $10-$15 for ONE pair of socks....STUPID RIDICULOUS!  I love that I can find my favorite socks at Target, and they are VERY inexpensive!! So, there's my random thought for the day;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bringin' Ankle Weights Back

Yep! You heard me! I'm bringing back the ankle weights!  It's a hot look, let me tell ya.  I wish you could have seen me today at my routine practice, sporting those bulky things!  Maybe tomorrow I can get someone to snap a pic for me.  I'm going to start a new trend....sweaty clothes, knee pads, and ankle weights.
OK, seriously though, the reason I was wearing the ankle weights is because I'm using them to help me improve a few of my "skills" that are in my routine: toe touches and high kicks.  After I was warm and stretched, I put those suckers on and began doing high kicks across the room.  Of course, my kicks weren't quite as high as they normally would be. However, when the weights came off, the high kicks were much easier as well as higher!  Then I did some leg lifts on the floor in a straddle position and again while standing. Next were the toe touches.  Toe touches with ankle weights on = NOT easy. Again, I couldn't go as high as I normally would, but when I took off those weights, my toe touches were easier and already a little bit better!  I was impressed!  I used to practice these with bands on...this is the same concept. I will continue doing these exercises, high kicks, and toe touches with the weights on and hopefully improve enough in time for competition day.  One thing is for, they were already better than when I did them on Sat. So, two weeks from now, they should be much better!  I am pleased:) I will keep working, keep practicing, and do the best I can do in the competition!!  I'm hoping to re-qualify so I can go to Jr. USA's, which will give me a few more months to improve my routine and physique even more. How exciting!!  Darrell Terrell asked me to perform at his show in Sept. So, even if I don't re-qualify, I will keep pushing so I can be in shape and ready for that!!!  
BTW, as I already said either on this blog and/or my video blog, News 3 is going to cover my contest prep and will be airing sometime by March 10. I was also asked today if Sweat Magazine can run a story, which I obviously agreed to!  I may also be in a Christian fitness magazine and web site, which is coming soon. If that happens, of course I will let y'all know!
So far, 2012 looks like it's going to be an exciting year!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling Confident

I'll be competing in two weeks, and I'm feeling confident!!  I was struggling a bit with my diet and was having some trouble staying disciplined.  My mitts kept finding their way into food that I shouldn't be eating.  I felt like I put myself two steps behind instead of ahead, BUT I got it together! I have managed to get myself back on track.  I was also seriously lacking in the motivation department, which was partly because I had allowed myself to slip a little. Anyway, I chose not to beat myself up over it and just move forward!!! 
Yesterday, I went to group posing practice at STS, and it gave me the boost of motivation and confidence that I needed.  Apparently, it was a tough week for several of the girls.  I was definitely not the only one who was struggling. I was definitely not the only one who had some cheats on the diet either.  On top of that, we all did GREAT on our posing!  I felt like I looked pretty dang good too...not at all behind like I felt!!  Compared to the other girls, I am still right on track, if not still a bit ahead of the game! Hot damn!!  The icing on the cake was last night, however, when Q and I went to the Desert Muscle Classic (pro show.)  I walked up to say hi to one of my favorite people, Dave Palumbo, and he commented that I am looking really lean!!!  His opinion means a lot to me:)  He then introduced me as his future ex-wife. LOL Funny guy!  He also suggested that I should perform, as they didn't have a guest performer last night. Unfortunately, I was wearing a fancy dress and high heels....not practical for performing a routine in.   I did have my music and dance sneakers out in my car though!!  Maybe next time??   Can I take a rain check on that offer? 
Today is my rest day, which is much needed.  My body still just hurts all over.  I'm pretty sure posing for an hour yesterday didn't help with the soreness at all either.  It must be done though!
Anyway, I am looking forward to busting my ass , especially in my routine, these last few weeks and then shining on stage like the rock star I am(in my dreams!!) LOL  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Week To Go

I've only got two weeks to go until show time!! Woo Hoo!! I'm feeling pretty good about things.  I'm stressing a little over getting my routine down.  I'm working on cleaning it up, polishing the moves, and making them sharper. When I'm tired, it definitely shows in my routine.  I'm still worried about getting my glutes tight as well.  It seems like the more fat I lose, the more loose skin I have....which is yucky and frustrating. It's a good thing we girls have a few tricks up our sleeves for situations such as this;) 
Speaking of being tired...boy am I!!  My body and my brain are exhausted!  Today is one of those days that my body just does NOT want to go! This morning, I didn't quite finish my cardio, started with my glute conditioning exercises, and just couldn't do any more. I left after 2 sets of 1 exercise.  So, my plan for this afternoon was: routine practice, glute training, and more cardio.  However, my body had an entirely different plan.  I did practice my routine, but then decided to listen to what my body is telling me, which is something I've learned to do over the years.  My body hurts!  My knees have been a bit pissed at me, my back is tight, and now my hip flexors are screaming! I'm plum worn out. Today, I am listening to my sore, tired body, and giving it a little rest. Guess what?  I can do glutes tomorrow. I can do cardio tomorrow, and I can practice routine again tomorrow!  I also have posing practice tomorrow.  It will be a full day, but my body will hopefully be a little rested and ready to conquer it all!!
Tomorrow is also the Desert Muscle Classic, a pro show that is held in Mesa, AZ. I am looking forward to going tomorrow night, seeing some friends, and getting re-motivated, inspired, and amped up to kick it into even higher gear these last few weeks!!  Gee, I wonder if I could possibly fit any more into one day? HA!
BTW, Shannon video'd my routine practice today, and it will be posted on my YouTube channel sometime within the next few days for y'all to see! 
Also, if you live in the Phoenix area, you can expect to see my on Channel 3 News sometime before the competition. They want to run a story that covers my competition prep! I'm excited about this because nobody has ever run a story on me before that focuses on my fitness, rather than just my "handicap." So, be on the lookout for that! For those of you NOT in this area, hopefully I can post a link to the news clip once it airs!  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Progress Picture

I keep promising that I will post a pic of my progress for you, and I'm finally here to deliver!   In this photo, I am 5 weeks out.  This was taken later in the day, which means I already had 3 meals and a ton of water in me. So, if I look a bit bloated, that's why. In the end, all that water will be pulled out.  Yes, I obviously need a tan as well.  However, I am not worried about that at this point. I'll get that the day before show time!  I am going to keep working on conditioning, especially in the glute region.  I have no doubt I will be ready:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Video Blog


Yes, I am very opinionated....I get that from my dad;)  I say it exactly how I see it.  I don't sugar coat it, beat around the bush, or try to be all "PC."  This video is about what people should and should not be wearing to the gym, in my opinion.  My husband says that my brain is always on speaker phone.  I guess this is one of those times.  I think that what I have to say on this video is what most people are thinking anyway.  I just have the balls to say it.  I hope that some people will take my advice on this subject!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First Video Blog

You asked for it!!!  So many people have requested that I try video blogging. So, today I did it!  It took me three tries, but I finally somehow managed to record and publish my very first video blog!  It is on my new YouTube channel, which is FitnessUnarmedBarbie.   Ok, this was my first video. I'm sure with practice, I will be more comfortable seeing myself and hearing myself on camera.  I also need to learn to quit saying,"uh" and "um."  However, this isn't too bad for my first video.  I will keep practicing!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Changes

I am now a little under 7 weeks out from competing, and more changes are being made.  Last Sat, I went to a posing clinic at STS, and Scott was kind enough to give an honest assessment of how he thinks I am doing and looking.  We were both in total agreement that my glutes need to be a lot tighter.  So, he gave me some extra exercises to do. Some are five days per week, and one is twice per week.  These should help tighten me up in the glute and upper thigh areas.  It's refreshing to hear an honest opinion and for someone to be willing to help!
In addition to those changes with my training, I will also be making another small change to my diet when I hit the 6 week mark.  I'll be going from 3 days no fats/ 2 days fats to 3/1 for 2-3 weeks, depending on progress.  Then, I'll be cutting out fats completely.  I also discovered when I was out sick, that by adding in some quinoa cereal a few days/week, I am feeling a bit better AND more weight started falling off!  So, for energy at the very least, I'm keeping it in my diet.  
Yesterday, I went to see an old friend, Jerry Slaton, who was also my trainer for about 100 years. Just kidding, but he did train me for many years:)  Anyway, I went to him to take my measurements and body fat.  He has kept a log for me of my measurements and body fat for the last several years, which is helpful!!  Yesterday, at about 7 weeks out, he measured me at 9.9% body fat, which seems to be right on track because last time I competed, in 2009, at 8 weeks out, I was at 10.5%! A few of my measurements were even a bit smaller this time, and most of my skin fold measurements were the same. So, I am right on track, not behind as I thought!!  The main reason I go to him for this is that he's very good with the calipers....and GOOD quality calipers, not those cheap plastic ones.  Checking body fat this way is MUCH more accurate than other methods, such as the hand-held bio impedance machines, which can be VERY inaccurate. Thanks again, Jerry!!
On another positive note, I finally got to do some work on my routine yesterday!  i changed up the choreography a bit, just to suit me better.  It's coming along nicely!  I really need to just practice as much as I can to polish it up as it looks pretty rough right now, which is how it always looks in the beginning stages:)  I am definitely stressing a lot less about the routine now and feel comfortable and confident that I have plenty of time to be ready!!
So, all in all, aside from being sick still, everything is falling into place! I am pleased at this point!!  Thanks again to Jerry Slaton and Scott Keppel for their help!
P.S. Another video by Shannon and I will be done soon! So, be on the lookout!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Believe

Sometimes, I wonder if anyone besides me has a "theme song."  I guess a theme song could be a song that symbolizes your life, a period in your life, or even just a certain situation in your life.  I have a theme song that kinda sums up my whole life, as well as my "career" as a fitness competitor.  The moment I heard this song, (when I was watching the movie, 'Honey') it hit me...THAT'S MY SONG!!!!  I had to wonder if I wrote this song about my life and forgot I did it! lol  
There have been many times throughout my life when people believe that I "CAN'T" do something.  Sometimes, they even put little seeds of doubt in MY mind, BUT I have to try to ignore that doubt and find my own strength and BELIEVE in myself!  Sometimes, I have to dig deep, really deep, to find that strength and belief, but it's always there!  Have I ever cried? OH YA!  Have I ever wanted to give up? YA!  However, I've NEVER let things get me down for long. 
When I'm going through a rough time, I listen to this song over and over.  I know my kids get tired of hearing it at times, but hey, maybe the words and the meaning will sink into their little heads too!!  
I've heard negative comments about me competing from the very beginning...actually before I even began. If you've read my bio, you know what I'm talking about.  I COULD HAVE allowed that negativity to stop me in my tracks before I even got started, but I CHOSE to keep going after my dream and prove people wrong!  To this day, I still CHOOSE to use those words, which I can still hear in my head plain as day, to light a fire under me!  That man's words motivate me more than anything else!  
Anyway, I'm starting routine choreography/practice today, which for me is the hardest part of the competition.  My theme song gets me going, gets me amped up, and reminds me to believe in myself!!! I listen to it over and over on my way to the gym and on my way to practices, and I just wanted to share MY theme song with you because this is ONE of the things I do to keep my chin up and my attitude positive.  Enjoy!  Drum roll please..........

Monday, January 9, 2012

Because I'm Kind Of a Big Thing (JK)

Today, I received an e-mail from a lady who does it all!!  I was going through her web site, and she seems pretty amazing!  Her name is Janet Marisco, she's a figure pro, and she has a radio show called, "The Body Shop." She asked me to be a guest on her show on Jan. 30!  I've been on the radio a number of times in the past, and I absolutely love radio! OF COURSE, I agreed to be on her show! After the touching letter she wrote to me, there was no way I could ever say no....not that I would anyway:)  This is something I enjoy doing!  I hoe she doesn't mind if I share her letter with you.  I want you to read it because it really touched me.  Sometimes, actually most times,  I have absolutely no idea how I impact the lives of others.  When I hear stories like this, I feel grateful and blessed that I am somehow able to inspire people, motivate people, and make people see that their excuses are just that ---- excuses.  If I can do it, so can they!!  So, here's the sweet letter I got from Super Woman herself, Janet Marisco:

Barbie, my name is Janet Marsico, I am a WNBF Pro Figure Competitor, 
the 2008 WNBF Pro Figure World Champion, as well as the official stage 
coach for both the INBF/WNBF. I also have my own spot on FTNS Fitness 
Radio every Monday night at 9:00 live. The only live internet station 
in our area (I live in New York but the station is in Connecticut and 
airs via internet nationwide). I bring on guests in our industry every 
week for an hour and interview them about their involvement in the 
fitness industry and their contribution to the sport itself. I have 
already had Tosca Reno from Oxygen magazine, Jennifer Nicole Lee will 
be coming on this month, etc. The reason that I am reaching out to you 
is you actually have a special spot in my interest, and I will explain 
why. Whenever I conduct any of my one on one Workshops with a new 
client, I have what I call my "fitness bible" where I have pages and 
pages of visual pictures from magazines of photos of competitors from 
different competitions from several organizations from my many 
different magazines. I show them many great shots of the correct 
poses, suits hair, make up and then I also show them the girls who are 
in the "wrong" stances, etc. Then I always look them in the eyes and 
say "and then just when you get to the last week towards your show and 
you think that you can't, you feel it's too tough, try telling it to 
Barbie Guerra"... I then turn the page and they kind of look at me in 
confusion. I then tell them, "no, that is not a photo shop picture". 
It's the 2006 article from Oxygen magazine of you on stage at a fitness 
competition and the article is entitled "The Amazing Courage of Barbie 
Guerra"..... I have had this article in my "fitness bible" since then 
and I cannot tell you how much the girls sit back and read the article 
and how much it gives them a different perspective on what strength and 
the level of fitness that anyone can achieve if you really want it.. So 
thank you for allowing me to give that to my clients for so many years. 
I really should have written to you many years ago.

So this brings me to wanting to invite you to be interviewed on my show 
either at the end of this month, or early February. I think my 
listeners would love to hear your story, the competitions you have 
competed in and I personally would be honored to get the change to 
speak with you and get to know you as all of my clients have all had 
the chance to read that article so I know they would be most interested 
in listening to the interview.

I will be on tonight at 9:00 if you would like to listen to see what 
the show is about and what I go into with my guests. You can log in 
live at (it's not .com) and get back to me at your convenience. 
I would absolutely love to have you on the show. It would be a 
telephone interview for an hour so there is no need for any travel 

Warm regards, Janet Marsico

PS: My web site is if you wanted to see a little 
bit about me and what I have been doing over the years as well...

Now you probably understand why I said "YES!"  What an honor to be in her "fitness bible" for all of her clients to see!  Thank you again, Janet! I can't wait for my interview in a few weeks!

Because I'm Kind Of a Big Thing (JK)

Today, I received an e-mail from a lady who does it all!!  I was going through her web site, and she seems pretty amazing!  Her name is Janet Marisco, she's a figure pro, and she has a radio show called, "The Body Shop." She asked me to be a guest on her show on Jan. 30!  I've been on the radio a number of times in the past, and I absolutely love radio! OF COURSE, I agreed to be on her show! After the touching letter she wrote to me, there was no way I could ever say no....not that I would anyway:)  This is something I enjoy doing!  I hoe she doesn't mind if I share her letter with you.  I want you to read it because it really touched me.  Sometimes, actually most times,  I have absolutely no idea how I impact the lives of others.  When I hear stories like this, I feel grateful and blessed that I am somehow able to inspire people, motivate people, and make people see that their excuses are just that ---- excuses.  If I can do it, so can they!!  So, here's the sweet letter I got from Super Woman herself, Janet Marisco:

What's New This Week?

This week, my legs are feeling a bit fatigued. So, I'm going to go ahead and do only one leg day this week instead of two, but I am still going to focus on those problematic areas that I mentioned in one of my past blogs.  The double cardio sessions are going as well as can be expected.  The step mill and I .... well, we still have that love/hate relationship going on.  I don't expect that to ever change.  I am hoping to get working on my routine this week, which is exciting and scary all at the same time.  Most of the things I'll be doing in my routine are things that I have not done in a few YEARS.  I am extremely rusty, to put it mildly. In fact, after going over just a few things today with a friend at the gym, it was very apparent that my skills are not just rusty....they straight suck right now!  This is going to require A LOT of work!  Practice, practice, practice!  I am expecting my body to be hurting all over when I begin choreography and practices.  It's a good thing I have plenty of epsom salt on hand!  I've done this a million times before and survived. So,  I'm sure I will survive this again.  It isn't going to be easy though...not that it ever is!!  In the end, all the hard work will have been worth it, and I'm looking forward to it!  
When I hit the "8 weeks to go" mark, which will be Saturday, I'm changing up my diet a little bit. I'll be going from 2 days with no fats/2 days with fats to 3/2 for a few weeks.  Then I will switch it again to 3/1.  The last 3-4 weeks will be all proteins and asparagus/green beans/salads/cucumbers.  That is what I am NOT looking forward to.  Again, I will survive.  Although, at that point, I really feel for my family because I know I'm not exactly a joy to be around.  During that time, I don't even like being around me!!  I just hope they can remember that it is only temporary and be as understanding as possible!  As usual, I will keep y'all updated if I make any changes!  I also want to get some pics up sometime soon.  Maybe on Sat, I'll have Q take some pics.  :)  Have a great week!!  I hope you are keeping the resolutions you made!  Don't ever give up!  Remember --- "CAN'T" is NOT an option!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bleacher Babe Workout Video

Yesterday, my friend Shannon and I, shot a video of us doing a bleacher workout!!  The video is only 3 min long...because I'm sure nobody wants to watch us for an hour or more going up and down the bleachers! So, there are just short clips of some of the fun things we do on those bleachers!!  i hope you enjoy it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweepin' and Shapin'& Movin' and Shakin'

Yep, I'm working on my sweep, but I ain't talking about sweeping the floor!  I've decided to split my leg training into two different days so I can give each part the work and attention it needs.  I have decent quad development, but my outer sweep has always been lagging behind.  Instead of a nice rounded out outer sweep, mine is just kind of straight up and down....not much shape there.  So, on my quad day, I am really focusing on that.  I'm hoping I can grow that into a nice shapely outer sweep.  
I also have good glute development and plenty of "mass" there, but I also hold onto extra "fluff" in that area that is extremely stubborn and never wants wants to go away until about 2 weeks before I step on stage.  I freak out and obsess over it every time, too.  So, on my other leg day, I am focusing on shaping that booty of mine.  So, I'm doing more exercises that focus on shaping the glutes, rather than putting so much effort into building them. Trust me, I've got enough size back there, and it follows me everywhere! haah  
I'm also still doing my cardio twice/day, more than half of which is done on the stepmill.  I'm doing a lot of intervals on the stepmill as well as on the treadmill.  I vary the speed and the incline/resistance constantly, no matter what cardio machine I'm on.  I've also been doing some walking on a negative incline, as well as some backwards locomotion just to keep it mixed up and to make my muscles work in different ways.  
Bleacher workouts are still part of my training as well.  I just haven't done them in about a month because of football games, weather, holidays, kids' surgeries, etc.  However, this week, I'm supposed to be doing a bleacher workout with my friend, Shannon, AND we're making a video this time!!! Of course, I will post it as soon as I can!!
I've kept dance in my regime.....because it's fun, and I love it!  As soon as I get my music, I will be choreographing and practicing my fitness routine, which will also help burn some fluff and help with my conditioning.  The routine is definitely the hardest part for me.  However, it is also the most fun part, and I can't wait to get movin' and shakin' on that!!  I will try to get a video of my routine for you all to see at some point as well. Maybe I can recruit Shannon for this job;) wink wink:)
BTW, I hope everyone is having a great new year so far!! If you've made any resolutions, resolve to not give up on them!!  Remember, "CAN'T" is NOT an option!!!