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Friday, April 13, 2012

I Am Determined

My next competition is in 5 first national competition!  Something I've always wanted to do is an aerial!  I think including one in my routine would be super cool!  I am determined to have an aerial in my routine this time!!  For those who don't know what an aerial is, it's basically a no-handed cartwheel.  I started this past week practicing with a friend of mine who coaches tumbling.  She's doing her best to help me!  She does a great job of spotting me and making sure I land on my feet!  Anyway, I do believe I will be able to do this on my own, without a spot, soon!!  I'm keeping my toes crossed anyway!!  I definitely have enough power in my legs to carry me through the aerial. I just need to practice practice practice!  Repetition is what it's gonna take, and I feel  confident that I WILL do this in my routine this time around!  Here is a shot of Jessica and I practicing in my front yard.  This was the first day we started. So, she was spotting me very heavily.  BTW, thank you Jordan for taking this picture!!

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