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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fan Page

I'm getting a TON of activity on my Facebook page and literally HUNDREDS of friend requests daily.  So, I decided to start a fan page.  You can follow me easily there instead of having to make a friend request. All you've got to do is "Like" my page. That makes things easier for both of us!!!  Going through friend requests, messages, and comments has become a full time job!  Hopefully, this will make things a little easier.
Here is that link: 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Word

My secret to success is simple. Clear your mind absolutely of one word - "can't."  - Samuel Johnson

This is an awesome quote that I feel totally reaffirms my motto:
"CAN'T" is NOT an option!!
Thank you, Alli Moyer, for sharing!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 More Weeks To Go

     Today is exactly 8 weeks away from my next competition, Jr. USA Championships!  I'm excited about this one!  It will be my first national (jr. national) show!  I've been qualified several times in the past but never before ventured onto a national stage. I'm ready to do it now, even if it's for nothing more than the experience itself!  I'm going to have to work very hard for the next 2 months to make sure I'm as ready as I can be. Being that the weather is warming up and beautiful, I'l be spending plenty of time on the bleachers working on conditioning.   I'm going to spend some time on a dance floor sprucing up my routine as well.  
     As if I wasn't already excited, now I'm even more excited because today, a friend of mine who just took home 1st place and 2nd place trophies in her figure divisions, decided to go to SC and compete at Jr. USA's too!!!  I am on cloud 9 about that!  We are, at the very least, going to have so much fun!!  

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Pics

I just thought I'd share a few new pics with you!  These were taken one week prior to competition.  The hot blonde that's in one of the shots with me is my friend, Shannon:)   You can check her out at  There is TONS of useful and motivational info on her site that you're sure to love!

Don't Forget To Eat!

I know, I's hard to fathom that some people forget to eat, but believe it or not it happens.  It's a common problem too.  I have heard the complaint from people that they are eating right and working out but cannot lean out or lose weight.  When I ask what they're eating, how often, etc, they say they actually forget to eat and can go an entire day without eating OR they're eating a ridiculously low amount of calories.  Then I ask, how much exercise they are getting, and the list goes on an on....running 4 mi/day 3 days/week, spinning class 3-4 days/week, swimming 2 days/week.  You CANNOT expect your body to function efficiently without sufficient fuel, just as you wouldn't expect your car to run without fuel.  When you do this, your body goes into "starvation" mode and wants to hold onto (store) everything you feed it!  Your metabolism isn't working properly and isn't revved up because there's nothing fueling it!  I just made the suggestion to a person today to stop working out for just a few weeks and focus on eating regularly.  I suggested she set alarms on her watch or phone for each time she needs to eat...every 2-3 hours!  It was like a light bulb went on in her head when she replied that on days she doesn't work out, she doesn't gain weight...makes sense to me!  Remember, under eating can be just as damaging as over eating!  Make sure you're getting enough food to sustain you through your daily regiment, while getting all the nutrients your body needs!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Competition Day...In My Opinion

Nearly two weeks ago, I competed once again after a 3 year "retirement."  I really enjoyed being on stage again and being with all the other athletes/competitors.  It's also nice to meet new people and make new friends.  It just so happened that 3 of us who competed in fitness out of the 6, competed together way back in 2005!  It was a little reunion of sorts, which I think is so cool!  
     So, how do I feel I did? How do I feel about the results?  Well, IMO, there's ALWAYS room for improvement.  Of course, I am my own worst critic too.  I felt like I really struggled in the routine round.  I was exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, etc.  I messed up in a handful of spots in my routine in the morning, and I was super bummed about that, but everyone said that it wasn't even noticeable. Even so,  I think it was quite obvious that my energy level was extremely low.  When the routine round was over,  it was kind of a relief. After all, that was the hard part! Comparisons and quarter turns are a breeze...well, if you've practiced enough...which I had.
After prejudging was over, we headed straight to The Cheesecake Factory to get some fuel in my system..and then to Yogurt Land (the BEST frozen yogurt EVER)!  I filled up and totally enjoyed it!!
We still had several hours before we had to be back for the evening portion. So, Kelly and I headed to Nordstrom's for some MAC shopping. Then, we just hung out and put our feet up while she got some work done on her laptop.
When the time rolled around for routine round in the evening, I was feeling confident and full of energy! However, I messed up AGAIN!!!! It was only one spot, but it was pretty obvious. However, I felt like my performance was much better than in the morning.  I was more relaxed, a little bit hydrated, and not hungry!  Although, it felt like a better performance, I'm not sure it actually was.  When all was said and done, it was evident to me that the morning performance really was the better one, once I watched the videos.  That's fine though.  If one of them had to better, I'm glad it was the one in the morning!
A little later, after we did our quarter turns again, I got a surprise!  The promoter decided to give me a special and unexpected award for "The Most Inspiring Athlete in Arizona."  He said some nice things and ALMOST got tears out of me, but I held back...I didn't want to mess up my makeup!!
Now, all that was left to do was wait around to see if I was in the top 5.  In every competition I've ever been in, I get placed dead last, whether that's 1st(when I was the only one) or 17th!  So, I totally expected to be in 6th place, which would mean no trophy and no qualification for Jr. USA's.  Qualifying for Jr. USA's was my main goal!!!  I was debating whether I should leave or hang out to see.  Something in me mad me stay JUST IN CASE I didn't place last for a change.  I am sure glad I stayed!!  Out of 6 competitors, I placed 5th!!!  For me, this was a BIG DEAL!  Not only did I NOT place last, I was now qualified for the next level!!  I think I was on cloud 9 for at least a week!!!  I still think I should have been in 4th place, but you won't hear complaining from me. I qualified for the show I want to do, and that's good enough for me!!
So, what's next???  For the next 8 weeks, I  am back in contest prep mode.  I will continue to work on my glute conditioning and overall conditioning.  I am also going to work on sprucing up my routine and fixing the problems that I saw in the videos.  Then, I'll be off to SC in May for Jr. USA! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Competition Videos

Videos from the competition I was in last weekend are now posted on my YouTube Channel!!  I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to comment on them as well!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

According To My Poll

I know...there are still two days left to vote on my poll about what YOU, my readers, want me to blog about.  However, it looks like "How I Use My Feet" has won by a LONG shot!  So,  after I'm done competing this weekend AND after I get back from our spring break trip, I will start having my kids take pics of me doing things!  I will also give a brief description of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.  After all, YOU are the ones reading my blogs. So, your wish is my command...within reason of course;)  TTFN!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Am Pleased

When I was going through all those health issues a few years ago, my weight had gotten up to 182lbs.  It took it's toll on me big time, physically and mentally.  When I was able to, I got the weight off through lots of hard work, good eating, and dedication.  However, I NEVER thought I would see myself looking competition stage ready again.  I am very pleased with myself right now!  For the first time in 3 years, I am down to 115lbs again.  I will still be competing at a higher weight than I ever have, but I feel and look better than I ever have too!  I'm a happy camper;)
Yesterday, even my younger son Jared, commented on my abs. He totally made my day!  After this competition, I will continue working on my glute conditioning and routine and will hopefully be focusing on competing at Jr. USA's in May. That's my goal, anyway!  If I happen to not re-qualify, I will just make another goal! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Great People

Another random thought, short and sweet:
One of the things I like about being in the fitness industry is all the great people I meet!!  I feel like I meet new people and make new friends all the time!  Just a few examples are: last year, I helped a friend with her posing for her first figure competition, and through her, I met my friend Shannon...who is super-d-duper;) She's one of the most fun chicks I've ever met.  She's just an all around great person; beautiful inside and out.  I've also met so many nice people through STS, which I love. Among those, to name a few...Kelli, Scott, and someone else who is a really cool, sweet, and beautiful gal named Shelly.  I see a friendship blooming there, and I'm so happy.  Maryn is another...we will be competing against/with each other this coming Sat.  I got to hang with her a little a few days ago, and she too is such an extremely sweet girl!  I feel really blessed to know so many awesome people and to have some truly amazing friends who can all inspire, motivate, support, and encourage one another!!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

15 Weeks Down and 1 To Go

     This is my LAST week of contest prep before the big day!  I am SO excited!!  I feel like I am least as ready as I'm gonna be at this point.  Obviously, there is still room for improvement.  There always is!  I feel good about my routine, my posing, and my physique( except for that pesky glute area.)  
    Mon - Thurs. this week, I'll be doing a little less cardio, very light training, and a few more practices.  Thurs. and Fri. I'll be drying out and staying thirsty.  This part, I really hate.  I will park my butt in the sauna for a little while on both days and practice posing in there to help squeeze out the water.  I will be getting a pedicure at some point this week too.   Fri. night is tanning and check-ins and eating...yay!!  
Saturday is going to begin VERY early.  I'll be up by 5:30am to get my make-up on and pack some food before my awesome hair guy comes over at 6:30am to do my do;)  I have to be there to get one more coat of tan by 8am, meeting at 8:45am, and on stage at 10am!!  I can't wait!!!  I feel more ready than I have ever felt before any competition! It's a great feeling!  
     So, what am I looking forward to eating when the show is over?  It's weird, usually I am craving pizza and sweets.  Right now, all I really want is frozen yogurt and sushi...not together of course;)  Then, I want to go to Pappasito's when my kiddos and I get to Houston!  Other than that, I'm totally fine with what I'm eating now.  
     I am HOPING, and my toes are crossed, to re-qualify so I can go to Jr. USA's in May.  My plan is to get right back on track with training, cardio, and diet when I return from Houston. Hmmm....scratch that.  I'll get back on track with diet when my kids' spring break is over. I want to enjoy lots of stuff with them. They look forward to that when I'm competing. Anything for THEM, right? *wink, wink*

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ankle Weights Are Sexy

As I said I would, I got someone to snap a shot of me wearing those ever so fabulous, fancy, and fashionable ankle weights that I wear when I'm practicing my toe touches and high kicks!    BTW, "Fancy" seems to have become my word lately, thanks to Shannon and her son. hahaha  Anyway, I think I'm going to bring back this trend in fitness! It's so hot, don'tcha think??!!

A Sneak Peek

I finally got around to trying on my outfits today that I'll be wearing in the competition NEXT WEEK!!  I thought I'd share a little sneak peek with you. WARNING!!  These are NOT good quality photos...just phone pics, and I'm not doing any cute poses or anything.  Also, I'll be wearing fishnet leggings under the shorts for my fitness routine.  I'm ready to rock and roll, people!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

News Segment

The news segment I was on this morning went pretty good. It was just a very short interview, and I didn't get to say very much.  I felt like I just stood there and nodded my head most of the time.  I think I just need my own show. haha Anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

p.s.  The Sweat Magazine article will be in either the April or May issue.  That's as much as I know at this time.