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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Changes

I am now a little under 7 weeks out from competing, and more changes are being made.  Last Sat, I went to a posing clinic at STS, and Scott was kind enough to give an honest assessment of how he thinks I am doing and looking.  We were both in total agreement that my glutes need to be a lot tighter.  So, he gave me some extra exercises to do. Some are five days per week, and one is twice per week.  These should help tighten me up in the glute and upper thigh areas.  It's refreshing to hear an honest opinion and for someone to be willing to help!
In addition to those changes with my training, I will also be making another small change to my diet when I hit the 6 week mark.  I'll be going from 3 days no fats/ 2 days fats to 3/1 for 2-3 weeks, depending on progress.  Then, I'll be cutting out fats completely.  I also discovered when I was out sick, that by adding in some quinoa cereal a few days/week, I am feeling a bit better AND more weight started falling off!  So, for energy at the very least, I'm keeping it in my diet.  
Yesterday, I went to see an old friend, Jerry Slaton, who was also my trainer for about 100 years. Just kidding, but he did train me for many years:)  Anyway, I went to him to take my measurements and body fat.  He has kept a log for me of my measurements and body fat for the last several years, which is helpful!!  Yesterday, at about 7 weeks out, he measured me at 9.9% body fat, which seems to be right on track because last time I competed, in 2009, at 8 weeks out, I was at 10.5%! A few of my measurements were even a bit smaller this time, and most of my skin fold measurements were the same. So, I am right on track, not behind as I thought!!  The main reason I go to him for this is that he's very good with the calipers....and GOOD quality calipers, not those cheap plastic ones.  Checking body fat this way is MUCH more accurate than other methods, such as the hand-held bio impedance machines, which can be VERY inaccurate. Thanks again, Jerry!!
On another positive note, I finally got to do some work on my routine yesterday!  i changed up the choreography a bit, just to suit me better.  It's coming along nicely!  I really need to just practice as much as I can to polish it up as it looks pretty rough right now, which is how it always looks in the beginning stages:)  I am definitely stressing a lot less about the routine now and feel comfortable and confident that I have plenty of time to be ready!!
So, all in all, aside from being sick still, everything is falling into place! I am pleased at this point!!  Thanks again to Jerry Slaton and Scott Keppel for their help!
P.S. Another video by Shannon and I will be done soon! So, be on the lookout!!

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