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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Believe

Sometimes, I wonder if anyone besides me has a "theme song."  I guess a theme song could be a song that symbolizes your life, a period in your life, or even just a certain situation in your life.  I have a theme song that kinda sums up my whole life, as well as my "career" as a fitness competitor.  The moment I heard this song, (when I was watching the movie, 'Honey') it hit me...THAT'S MY SONG!!!!  I had to wonder if I wrote this song about my life and forgot I did it! lol  
There have been many times throughout my life when people believe that I "CAN'T" do something.  Sometimes, they even put little seeds of doubt in MY mind, BUT I have to try to ignore that doubt and find my own strength and BELIEVE in myself!  Sometimes, I have to dig deep, really deep, to find that strength and belief, but it's always there!  Have I ever cried? OH YA!  Have I ever wanted to give up? YA!  However, I've NEVER let things get me down for long. 
When I'm going through a rough time, I listen to this song over and over.  I know my kids get tired of hearing it at times, but hey, maybe the words and the meaning will sink into their little heads too!!  
I've heard negative comments about me competing from the very beginning...actually before I even began. If you've read my bio, you know what I'm talking about.  I COULD HAVE allowed that negativity to stop me in my tracks before I even got started, but I CHOSE to keep going after my dream and prove people wrong!  To this day, I still CHOOSE to use those words, which I can still hear in my head plain as day, to light a fire under me!  That man's words motivate me more than anything else!  
Anyway, I'm starting routine choreography/practice today, which for me is the hardest part of the competition.  My theme song gets me going, gets me amped up, and reminds me to believe in myself!!! I listen to it over and over on my way to the gym and on my way to practices, and I just wanted to share MY theme song with you because this is ONE of the things I do to keep my chin up and my attitude positive.  Enjoy!  Drum roll please..........

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