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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweepin' and Shapin'& Movin' and Shakin'

Yep, I'm working on my sweep, but I ain't talking about sweeping the floor!  I've decided to split my leg training into two different days so I can give each part the work and attention it needs.  I have decent quad development, but my outer sweep has always been lagging behind.  Instead of a nice rounded out outer sweep, mine is just kind of straight up and down....not much shape there.  So, on my quad day, I am really focusing on that.  I'm hoping I can grow that into a nice shapely outer sweep.  
I also have good glute development and plenty of "mass" there, but I also hold onto extra "fluff" in that area that is extremely stubborn and never wants wants to go away until about 2 weeks before I step on stage.  I freak out and obsess over it every time, too.  So, on my other leg day, I am focusing on shaping that booty of mine.  So, I'm doing more exercises that focus on shaping the glutes, rather than putting so much effort into building them. Trust me, I've got enough size back there, and it follows me everywhere! haah  
I'm also still doing my cardio twice/day, more than half of which is done on the stepmill.  I'm doing a lot of intervals on the stepmill as well as on the treadmill.  I vary the speed and the incline/resistance constantly, no matter what cardio machine I'm on.  I've also been doing some walking on a negative incline, as well as some backwards locomotion just to keep it mixed up and to make my muscles work in different ways.  
Bleacher workouts are still part of my training as well.  I just haven't done them in about a month because of football games, weather, holidays, kids' surgeries, etc.  However, this week, I'm supposed to be doing a bleacher workout with my friend, Shannon, AND we're making a video this time!!! Of course, I will post it as soon as I can!!
I've kept dance in my regime.....because it's fun, and I love it!  As soon as I get my music, I will be choreographing and practicing my fitness routine, which will also help burn some fluff and help with my conditioning.  The routine is definitely the hardest part for me.  However, it is also the most fun part, and I can't wait to get movin' and shakin' on that!!  I will try to get a video of my routine for you all to see at some point as well. Maybe I can recruit Shannon for this job;) wink wink:)
BTW, I hope everyone is having a great new year so far!! If you've made any resolutions, resolve to not give up on them!!  Remember, "CAN'T" is NOT an option!!!

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