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Monday, January 9, 2012

Because I'm Kind Of a Big Thing (JK)

Today, I received an e-mail from a lady who does it all!!  I was going through her web site, and she seems pretty amazing!  Her name is Janet Marisco, she's a figure pro, and she has a radio show called, "The Body Shop." She asked me to be a guest on her show on Jan. 30!  I've been on the radio a number of times in the past, and I absolutely love radio! OF COURSE, I agreed to be on her show! After the touching letter she wrote to me, there was no way I could ever say no....not that I would anyway:)  This is something I enjoy doing!  I hoe she doesn't mind if I share her letter with you.  I want you to read it because it really touched me.  Sometimes, actually most times,  I have absolutely no idea how I impact the lives of others.  When I hear stories like this, I feel grateful and blessed that I am somehow able to inspire people, motivate people, and make people see that their excuses are just that ---- excuses.  If I can do it, so can they!!  So, here's the sweet letter I got from Super Woman herself, Janet Marisco:

Barbie, my name is Janet Marsico, I am a WNBF Pro Figure Competitor, 
the 2008 WNBF Pro Figure World Champion, as well as the official stage 
coach for both the INBF/WNBF. I also have my own spot on FTNS Fitness 
Radio every Monday night at 9:00 live. The only live internet station 
in our area (I live in New York but the station is in Connecticut and 
airs via internet nationwide). I bring on guests in our industry every 
week for an hour and interview them about their involvement in the 
fitness industry and their contribution to the sport itself. I have 
already had Tosca Reno from Oxygen magazine, Jennifer Nicole Lee will 
be coming on this month, etc. The reason that I am reaching out to you 
is you actually have a special spot in my interest, and I will explain 
why. Whenever I conduct any of my one on one Workshops with a new 
client, I have what I call my "fitness bible" where I have pages and 
pages of visual pictures from magazines of photos of competitors from 
different competitions from several organizations from my many 
different magazines. I show them many great shots of the correct 
poses, suits hair, make up and then I also show them the girls who are 
in the "wrong" stances, etc. Then I always look them in the eyes and 
say "and then just when you get to the last week towards your show and 
you think that you can't, you feel it's too tough, try telling it to 
Barbie Guerra"... I then turn the page and they kind of look at me in 
confusion. I then tell them, "no, that is not a photo shop picture". 
It's the 2006 article from Oxygen magazine of you on stage at a fitness 
competition and the article is entitled "The Amazing Courage of Barbie 
Guerra"..... I have had this article in my "fitness bible" since then 
and I cannot tell you how much the girls sit back and read the article 
and how much it gives them a different perspective on what strength and 
the level of fitness that anyone can achieve if you really want it.. So 
thank you for allowing me to give that to my clients for so many years. 
I really should have written to you many years ago.

So this brings me to wanting to invite you to be interviewed on my show 
either at the end of this month, or early February. I think my 
listeners would love to hear your story, the competitions you have 
competed in and I personally would be honored to get the change to 
speak with you and get to know you as all of my clients have all had 
the chance to read that article so I know they would be most interested 
in listening to the interview.

I will be on tonight at 9:00 if you would like to listen to see what 
the show is about and what I go into with my guests. You can log in 
live at (it's not .com) and get back to me at your convenience. 
I would absolutely love to have you on the show. It would be a 
telephone interview for an hour so there is no need for any travel 

Warm regards, Janet Marsico

PS: My web site is if you wanted to see a little 
bit about me and what I have been doing over the years as well...

Now you probably understand why I said "YES!"  What an honor to be in her "fitness bible" for all of her clients to see!  Thank you again, Janet! I can't wait for my interview in a few weeks!

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