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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This is pretty random, but I'm going to share it anyway.  I am picky about what socks I wear.  I only wear socks when I'm working out, but still.  I don't like them too thick or too thin. I like them to be fairly tight fitting. I hate when the socks are too long, and I get that big bunch of sock bunched up over the back of my shoes. It also bugs me when they don't stay put and start inching their way down into my shoe.  So, I try to buy good socks!  However, I have found that I REALLY like the socks from Target the best, and I find them on sale for $4.99/3 pairs!  They are the ALL PRO GOLD TOE AQUA FX.  The Adidas socks are always too big and scoot down into my shoes. I've tried Asics, Nike, and Under Armor, but I keep going back to the Target socks!  I do like the Feetures socks, but $10-$15 for ONE pair of socks....STUPID RIDICULOUS!  I love that I can find my favorite socks at Target, and they are VERY inexpensive!! So, there's my random thought for the day;)

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