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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bringin' Ankle Weights Back

Yep! You heard me! I'm bringing back the ankle weights!  It's a hot look, let me tell ya.  I wish you could have seen me today at my routine practice, sporting those bulky things!  Maybe tomorrow I can get someone to snap a pic for me.  I'm going to start a new trend....sweaty clothes, knee pads, and ankle weights.
OK, seriously though, the reason I was wearing the ankle weights is because I'm using them to help me improve a few of my "skills" that are in my routine: toe touches and high kicks.  After I was warm and stretched, I put those suckers on and began doing high kicks across the room.  Of course, my kicks weren't quite as high as they normally would be. However, when the weights came off, the high kicks were much easier as well as higher!  Then I did some leg lifts on the floor in a straddle position and again while standing. Next were the toe touches.  Toe touches with ankle weights on = NOT easy. Again, I couldn't go as high as I normally would, but when I took off those weights, my toe touches were easier and already a little bit better!  I was impressed!  I used to practice these with bands on...this is the same concept. I will continue doing these exercises, high kicks, and toe touches with the weights on and hopefully improve enough in time for competition day.  One thing is for, they were already better than when I did them on Sat. So, two weeks from now, they should be much better!  I am pleased:) I will keep working, keep practicing, and do the best I can do in the competition!!  I'm hoping to re-qualify so I can go to Jr. USA's, which will give me a few more months to improve my routine and physique even more. How exciting!!  Darrell Terrell asked me to perform at his show in Sept. So, even if I don't re-qualify, I will keep pushing so I can be in shape and ready for that!!!  
BTW, as I already said either on this blog and/or my video blog, News 3 is going to cover my contest prep and will be airing sometime by March 10. I was also asked today if Sweat Magazine can run a story, which I obviously agreed to!  I may also be in a Christian fitness magazine and web site, which is coming soon. If that happens, of course I will let y'all know!
So far, 2012 looks like it's going to be an exciting year!!

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