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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling Confident

I'll be competing in two weeks, and I'm feeling confident!!  I was struggling a bit with my diet and was having some trouble staying disciplined.  My mitts kept finding their way into food that I shouldn't be eating.  I felt like I put myself two steps behind instead of ahead, BUT I got it together! I have managed to get myself back on track.  I was also seriously lacking in the motivation department, which was partly because I had allowed myself to slip a little. Anyway, I chose not to beat myself up over it and just move forward!!! 
Yesterday, I went to group posing practice at STS, and it gave me the boost of motivation and confidence that I needed.  Apparently, it was a tough week for several of the girls.  I was definitely not the only one who was struggling. I was definitely not the only one who had some cheats on the diet either.  On top of that, we all did GREAT on our posing!  I felt like I looked pretty dang good too...not at all behind like I felt!!  Compared to the other girls, I am still right on track, if not still a bit ahead of the game! Hot damn!!  The icing on the cake was last night, however, when Q and I went to the Desert Muscle Classic (pro show.)  I walked up to say hi to one of my favorite people, Dave Palumbo, and he commented that I am looking really lean!!!  His opinion means a lot to me:)  He then introduced me as his future ex-wife. LOL Funny guy!  He also suggested that I should perform, as they didn't have a guest performer last night. Unfortunately, I was wearing a fancy dress and high heels....not practical for performing a routine in.   I did have my music and dance sneakers out in my car though!!  Maybe next time??   Can I take a rain check on that offer? 
Today is my rest day, which is much needed.  My body still just hurts all over.  I'm pretty sure posing for an hour yesterday didn't help with the soreness at all either.  It must be done though!
Anyway, I am looking forward to busting my ass , especially in my routine, these last few weeks and then shining on stage like the rock star I am(in my dreams!!) LOL  

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