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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Special Blessings

A few months ago, I was invited to be an honoree at a Special Blessings Amputee Expo.  Special Blessings is a support group in AZ for parents of children with limb differences, as well as adults with limb differences.  I don't usually associate much with the amputee groups.  I guess I've just always chosen not to because I feel like being an amputee isn't what defines me.  If something has to define me, I'd rather it be that I'm a fitness enthusiast, competitor, athlete, inspirer/motivator.  Most of the time, being an amputee doesn't even factor in anywhere.  However, I was there for a friend when they started this support group. So, I agreed to go and be a part of this, even though I wasn't exactly thrilled, but whether I like it or not, being an amputee is a part of who/what I am.  Tt never even crossed my mind that although I didn't need the support, I could be the support for others in need of it.  I could be a blessing to someone else who might be going through some of the same things I have already gone through!  I actually loved seeing the faces of the younger children who have differences.  I met a 3 yr old little girl named Bella, who actually lives only a few miles from me. She is missing her left hand and part of her arm.  I think she was actually happy to see me, as well as other children who are like her!!  After a while, she put her prosthetic on, which was a tiny little hand that was much like one of them that I used to have.  I told her that I used to have a hand like that, and I used to paint the finger nails and put rings on it!  She was ecstatic to think that that could be done!  Her mom asked if she wanted to paint her finger nails when they get home, and Bella LIT UP!!  She was so excited!  It almost made me cry to see how happy that made her!  Just meeting her was totally worth my time and drive out there.  I also met another little boy named Luke, who I met once before at the mall in the Lego store.  His parents had questions for me, and I will be helping them and working with him on some tasks that he needs to master.  I also connected with a mother of twins(one was missing an arm) who was very distraught and really having a difficult time coping.  I hope she will call me so I can offer her some support and encouraging words when needed.  I met some other wonderful people too.  I am so glad that I agreed to go because it blesses me to be able to help others and be a blessing to them.  Helping others and watching them grow and succeed is the most rewarding thing one can do.  I am so looking forward to getting together with these children and their parents to help them out however I can and showing them how much a '"CAN'T" is NOT an option!' attitude helps! 

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Shara said...

That's so great!! So happy for you AND those kids!