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Monday, November 10, 2008

Bottled Up

Anyone who knows me, knows I say what's on my mind. I say what I think, and I say what I feel. I also tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Chances are, if I'm thinkin' it, I'm sayin' it! An open book is what I am. Keeping stuff bottled up inside is something I'm just not good at. It just seems wrong to not get it out!! I'm learning, though, that some things are better left bottled up inside...although not forever. I'm learning that sometimes it's better, for the sake of sparing another person's feelings, to keep my thoughts and feelings from spewing out of my mouth! I'm learning that if I wait long enough, the appropriate time will come for me to speak my mind! Then, my only problem is trying to speak my mind...without sounding like a total bitch. I'm not always the most tactful...I just say it how it is. Right now, I just have so much "stuff' bottled up that I feel like I'm gonna BLOW!!! I can't get it off my chest because it could potentially be hurtful to someone I care about. I need to figure out a way to say what I'm feeling, in a kind and loving manner. I have a feeling though, that no matter how loving, it's still going to seem harsh, hurtful, and possibly even a little selfish. I'm so NOT a selfish person though. I give, and give, and give, and give. I put my own wants aside so others can have what they want. That's just what I do. Ok, see?? I told you I get side tracked!!!! I guess I really have alot of things on my mind, weighing on my heart, and I 'd really like to get it all off my chest...without hurting anyone else in the process. I could blog all day about what's going on inside this head of mine, but that wouldn't be right either. So, for now, all I can do is leave the bottle capped, be patient, and see what happens. I'm keeping my toes crossed that it all works itself out for the best!!!!

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