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Thursday, November 13, 2008


My favorite man in the world decided to take me to see "Fireproof" this afternoon! I have been wanting to see it since before it even came out!! I knew it's not a movie that he really wanted to see, so I was surprised and excited that he wanted to take me....just in the nick of time,too because today is the last day it's showing in theaters.
I loved the movie!! It was very insightful, moving, and entertaining. It really got me thinking...that's for sure! I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed Q seemed to be enjoying it as well. He actually said he thought it was a good movie! He also enjoyed watching me cry cuz...uh...I'm a cryer, especially during all the mushy parts:)
We both totally recommend seeing this movie, especially if you're married or in a relatioinship...even if you're divorced!
Go see it! Oh wait, you can't...unless you go today! So, as soon as it's released in stores, go buy it and watch it with an open mind and heart.
Remember, "Being fireproof doesn't mean that fire won't come. It means you'll be able to withstand the flames."

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