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Monday, February 9, 2009

Kickin' Up the Cardio

Cardio....what can I say?! I REALLLLLY don't like it, especially this low intensity bullshit that Dave has me doing. I feel like I have no endurance any more! So, I decided to take matters into my own hands(or feet in my case.) I'm kickin' it up a notch, making it fun, challenging, and a little higher up on the intensity. Dave can't be too upset...I'm doing some fun intervals, so my heart rate has a chance to drop a little in between. Ofcourse, unless he reads my blogs(and i doubt it), he won't know. hehehehe.
I've been starting off with my usual, low intensity stuff...walking on the treadmill at a snails pace..anywhere from 2.8 mph - 3.2 mph(because that is an order from you know who.) Then I get bored as usual and take it up!!
After I've strolled along for about 30 minutes, I take the speed down to 1.5 mph. I do walking lunges(yes..on the treadmill) for 30 seconds(about 20 lunges) and then walk for 30 seconds. I repeat this for 10 minutes and change it up again!
I take the speed back up to 2.9mph or so and side shuffle! I'll turn to the left and shuffle for 20 seconds and walk for 20 seconds. Then turn to the right and do the same. Some of the shuffles, I'll stay up on my toes(makes my calves burn) and some I squat low, keeping all the tension on my quads. I continue this for 10 minutes. I LOVE it!
For my last 10 minutes, I take the speed down to 2.5 mph and raise the incline to 5.0mph...or higher. I've gone as high as 12.0mph on this one! I safely step off the treadmill, turn myself around and jump back on. Yep! I walk(sometimes I jog a little...bringing my knees up and steppin it back) uphill, backwards for the final 10 min!!
This is more fun and the time goes by so much faster! I'm sure I'll think of some other crazy stuff to do on there. I'm already wondering if I can skip or do kareokes on there!! :0) I'll let ya know how that goes!!
Hmmmm.....I think I should send the link to this blog to Dave:) He likes my sense of humor. At the very least, maybe he will laugh a little! Yes, I'm kinda is he. That's why we get aloing so well!!
Now, go find a treadmill(or dreadmill, as I call it) and try my stuff out! You too Dave!!! hehehe


David Palumbo said...

Now that I've read your blog......I can say, I can't wait to see you complaining in a few days about how tired and starving you are! Then we'll see who has the last laugh!

Barbie said...

Ah, I've been doing this for a week or so...and practicing routine. Actually, my appetite has left again:(
Thanks for the comment, Dave!!

McFly said...

Wow! Great blog - I can't wait for your new post :)