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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Wow!! I didn't realize it has been so long since I updated my blog!! Thanks, Marcin for pointing it out to me! I thought I had at least posted up something after my competition! I do apologize!!

First of all, I did quite well at my competition in March! I lost 37lbs, and my bodyfat was down to about 7%, which was the leanest I have ever been!! I brought home a first place trophy, too!!!!! There were a few glitches, though. My tan was the first issue! I kept sweating it off! i was a streaky mess! Then I brushed my teeth, and dribbled toothpaste somehow down my leg. I was off to see Mary AGAIN to fix my tan. Then I needed to take my pills, and dropped the water bottle..on my tan ofcourse!! I had to run down to the tanning room about 4 or 5 times! I was definitely their problem child!

At pre-judging, I was the first competitor on the stage. It was just my luck that the music dude didn't realie that he had the speed turned way down! So, I REALLY struggled through my routine, trying to do everything much slower than usual and adlibbing several times. It SUCKED!!!

Regardless, I took 1st place. So, my plan now is to compete next year at Jr. Nationals, along with my fiance(he'll be my husband before then though!)

Right now, I'm back on the diet and cardio wagon due to the fact that I've put all my weight, plus some back on, and I'm getting married in September!! I want to still fit into the weding dress that I bought:)

I'm looking forward to my kids starting back to scholl in 2 weeks! WooHoo!!!

Someone asked me what my hair is like now bc it's so different in all my pics. WELL, I am attempting to grow it long again. So, it's in one of those ugly in-between stages. It looks horrible 99% of the time! I'm hating it big time! It's also a reddish color right now. I celebrated my bday last week, and we took a few pics. I'll post one up so u can see fat me with bad hair! LOL

Q is waiting on me to finish blogging so we can hit the gym together. So, bye for now. I'll be back soon...promise!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! You are a hell of an inspiring person, and God Bless!!