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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Our wedding is in exactly 2 weeks!!!!!! We are very excited!! It's going to be Saturday, Sept. 26 @ 11am @ the Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel!
607 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Las Vegas, NV 89101
My mom and I went today to get our dresses fitted, but the seamstress was out of town for her birthday. So, we have an appointment to go again on Monday!! Q will pick up his altered suit the same week we leave for Vegas! I still don't know who's gonna walk me down the aisle to give me away!! I was thinking my mom should do it, but Q said it should be a man. My grandpa can't...he says we can't both fit on his motorized scooter. LOL I could ask my brother or my uncle. I also thought I could have Mandi and Kelly(2 of my best friends) do it! Neither one of them are men either! haha Who knows??!!! Maybe I'll just walk myself??!!

Anyway, we are excited to see everyone!! We are blessed to have family and friends who will be there to share in our joy on our wedding day!!


fields83 said...

Well what about your dad walking you down the isle?

From Heels To Wheels said...


I just came across your blog/site and I had to tell you that you are everything I aspire to be. You are so amazing, and your spirit is so amazing. I am currently on a difficult journey of my own and you have infected me with your strength and fierce drive! Thank you. Thank you so much!

LandSurfingPro said...

I'm sure you hear this in your sleep but your amazing inspiration. I hope you have a Facebook profile. If so please do friend list Erskien Lenier.
I used to train and compete in Natural Body Building. I am now a Barefoot Ultra Marathon Runner, starting up a Christian Running Ministry, training to Run Barefoot Across America, very married with 3 wonderful children and working from home after being laid off last May. Love to get to know you and your husband.