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Monday, September 6, 2010


Ok, so...after my last competition in March of '09, I have been trying to overcome some major hurdles. I have been really trying to get my thyroid, adrenals, metabolism, and hormones functioning and balanced again. I also injured my knees while tumbling last year. I am still trying to get my knees totally healed. Not being able to work out (and not eating properly...they do go hand in hand), along with screwed up hormones, no adrenal function and a thyroid that was very hypo, my body weight sky rocketed up to a whopping 182lbs....which is EXTREMELY heavy for me! I never weighed that much even when I was ready to pop out my babies!! I have had to buy clothes in the size 14-18 range, which in my wildest imagination would have never been in those sizes. As you can imagine, this whole thing has effected my mood, my self-esteem, my body image. I feel like a disgusting fat cow. It's mentally very difficult to go from being at 7% body fat ll the way up to 31%!!!
In the mean time, we also made the move back to AZ, which is "home" to us!! We are super happy to be back!! I have been seeing a naturopthic doctor and my favorite chiropractor since we've been back, and I am finally making progress!! I am now able to do light cardio, and some very light weight training! Now, if you know me at all, you know taking things light and easy in the gym TOTALLY goes against my grain! I do not like it at all! However, just being there and doing SOMETHING is progress!! I am back to a regular gym routine, light legs, cardio, abs, and stretching!! My flexibility is coming back very quickly!! I started on the treadmill, barely poking along at 2.5mph, just to see how my back and knees were going to react. They have been fine, and I'm gradually picking up the pace!! Today, I walked at 3.0mph!!!
My naturopathic doctor has also put me on a detox diet, which is extremely similar to a pre-contest diet, along with 2 detox shakes per day. Although the weight is not coming off as quickly as I'd like, it IS starting to come off! As of yesterday, I have dropped 7lbs!
Even though I have a LONG journey ahead of me, I am already starting to feel alive again! It's a good feeling!!!
I am going to TRY to post my progress on here regularly. Be on the look out for more updates soon!!

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