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Monday, August 4, 2014

Nice To Know

     Yesterday,  was not exactly a great day for me.  I've been dealing again with my oldest son and his issues.  It's about time for more tough love I think.  I've always been an emotional eater.  Food is to me what alcohol/drugs is to other people I suppose. So, of course I binged on junk and felt like crap after.  Yes, I know this must stop.  I'm working on it.
     Anyway, in the midst of my not so good day, I had to run to the store for a few things for dinner.  When I was in line at the register,  a total stranger approached me by saying, "You're YouTube famous, aren't you!"  Well, I don't know about "famous," but yes I'm on YouTube.  He proceeded to tell me that he is a marine, has been deployed several times, and is just visiting family here right now before he heads to San Diego.  He started telling me all about  his many marine friends who have been injured, lost their sight, lost limbs, etc, and they all talk about me and look to me for inspiration. 
     WOW!!  That's one way to brighten my day!  I had no idea I ever had any type of impact on our soldiers!!  What an honor!!  I told him to let his friends know that they should feel free to reach out to me anytime they need support or help.  I'd be MORE than happy to give pep talks, help figure out how to do things without their limbs, or give them a kick in the pants if needed.  I appreciate their service and courage. So, if I am giving back to them in anyway, I am overjoyed and honored!!  Thank you to ALL of our brave soldiers of the USA!!

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teristavi said...

Awesome! Those guys will really benefit from your inspiration and guidance. This could be a whole new career path for you: traveling and inspiring people to start their life anew!