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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting Closer

So, today when I was at my chiropracter's office, he let me get on their fancy-dancy scale. This thing asks your sex, age, height, athlete/non-athlete, etc....... It tells you your body weight, total body water, lean bosy mass, lbs of fat, etc. I was kinda scared to step on that thing today because I kinda fell off the diet wagon last night in a big way. I'm so mad at myself for that...and I took my anger out on the elyptical machine for an hour this morning...and heading back tio repeat that in a few minutes:) ANYWAY, that high-tech thingy made my day because it said my total body weight is 124.8 pounds(that's a 20lb loss thus far), my lbs of lean body mass is 110 lbs, my pounds of fat that I'm luggin' around is 14.8lbs. I had 80.6 lbs of water in me, which is well above the recommended 60%, and my impedence was 445(I think)..and I have no clue what that means.
When I left, I called up Dave to tell him! He said those aren't always accurate, especially the more muscular you are. However, since I don't carry an extaordinary amount of muscle, it's probably pretty accurate, is what he explained. He was pleased! My goal is to drop about 14 more lbs, but he said I only need to drop about 10-12 more!! YEAH!!! Besides that, I have 8 weeks left! I guess I'm doing better than I thought!!!
Ok, now I'm off to the gym again to sweat my ass off!! LITERALLY:)

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