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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Well, I've been at this since mid Aug.  It's now Nov.2, 2010, and I am down 27lbs.  A few weeks ago, I had an amazing week that I somehow lost like 4 or 5 lbs. Since then, I've been struggling.  I'm only dropping a pound or so per week. Still, I guess 27lbs isn't bad, considering all the other factors that I'm fighting against.  I am still very fatigued.  I thought the thyroid meds were supposed to help with that!  Also, I'm taking more adrenal support and cortisol(my levels were very very low.)  That doesn't seem to be helping either.  The only thing I can figure is that because my doctor lowered my testosterone dose, now down to 8mg(.04cc)/'s effecting my energy levels. When he gets back from his honeymoon in Bora Bora, I need to discuss this with him again.  All of this is so frustrating!!  I was feeling very good...back to my old self, and now I'm always exhausted again. 
Anyway, I wanted to update you on my weight loss/transformation progress.   I shall return in a week or so with another update!!
Wait!!!!  I have a few friends who are also fighting hypothyroidism and are keeping up with my blog.  I know they are just as frustrated as I am.  We have to stick together, ladies and encourage each other!!!  Rochelle, I see you plugging away in the gym every day. Jeanne, I see you there from time to time(she's always there too, we just go at different times.)  I just want to say.."GOOD JOB, GIRLS!! You're doing awesome!  Together, we will be victorious!!!" Keep up with the hard work and determination.  We cannot let this beat us!!!

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