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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

According To My Poll

I know...there are still two days left to vote on my poll about what YOU, my readers, want me to blog about.  However, it looks like "How I Use My Feet" has won by a LONG shot!  So,  after I'm done competing this weekend AND after I get back from our spring break trip, I will start having my kids take pics of me doing things!  I will also give a brief description of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.  After all, YOU are the ones reading my blogs. So, your wish is my command...within reason of course;)  TTFN!!


Jack said...

1. hey barb. long time lurker here. just wanted to suggest few things. from your videos i gather youre not really tech savvy, and its ok, but i think you might have better dialog with the readers if you open a new blog in wordpress. i know it sounds weird, but wp is a much more popular blogging platform nowadays, and it got much better UI, its easier, you can embed youtube video quite easily there...
this is a blog from the frontpage, just look at it, it looks really good, and its very easy to get to that level:

and you got a really inspirational blog going on, and i think you might like it better there, and reach much larger audience.

2. this is not a big deal, as i watch you vlog to hear your voice and your interesting stories, but when there are computers will full HD display out there, the sub VGA video doesnt really look great. have you considered getting like a 20$ hd webcam? it can really upgrade the vlog. though your vlog is about you as a person, and not about your lack of arms, but theres an amputee vlogger, gen, who went through double leg amputation and vlogs about it:
and she edits her videos. i suggest her as it seems every one of her videos got a video of you in the description with this caption: "Barbera Guerra missing both arms, and does EVERYTHING", so she might be willing to teach you a trick or two.

3. as for the poll results... i want to know how you use your feet to do things, its you "edge", but i think you can open a family oriented blog (in wordpress :P ) and it can be quite good. this one already got a following of you for your fitness feats, and your use of your feet (that was lame wasnt it?).

4. i dont know if you get updates for replies, so ill just say it here - your progress is amazing! i wont usually say such thing to a married woman, but damn, youre smoking HOT!

Barbie said...

Wow! That's a lot of info! Thank you!!! Ya, I just use the webcam that's on my laptop. I actually have a nice little video cam, but I can't figure out how to upload to my computer. So, i just do it the easy way, even though the quality isn't the greatest. Thanks for the info. I will look into it:)

Jack said...

i assume you got a smartphone of some sorts, and today even those have better video quality then the laptop webcam, so if you can set it up properly you can take some nice vlogs even with your phone. and most phones have option to upload it directly to youtube. consider it.

i consider myself a tech guy, so if you want maybe i know how to get the files from your camera. and if you want i can also introduce you to the wordpress platform (lets say, i open a blog with some name and just post your most recent post so you can see how it looks).

anyway, like i said, right now youre smoking hot, so keep up with the good work! youre a role model and the most awesome inspiration!

Barbie said...