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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Day With Jessica

Today I spent the afternoon and evening with Jessica Cox.  For those who don't know of her, she is an armless lady as well. Jessica even flies a plane!  Anyway, she just began shooting a documentary, and she asked me to be part of it!  About 10 years ago, I sort of mentored her and helped her out with learning some tasks and answering her questions.  I'm always happy to help!!  I now how much it helped me to have a mentor when I was younger!  I guess I had a pretty big impact on her life, which is something I didn't know until now!  That makes me really happy!  She is getting married next month and plans on starting a family. So, I have a feeling I'll be meeting up with Jessica more when it comes time to care for a baby!!  Lucky for her, I've already got all that figured out!!  That will be exciting!!  I am happy for her and can't wait to see this documentary!  Jessica, her fiance Pat, and all the camera crew had dinner at our house tonight so she could see how I cook for my family!  Don't worry, I stuck to my diet!!  I think cooking may need to get onto her list of things to learn now.  Pat, you can thank me later.  LOL  Anyway, after dinner we took a pic together, and here we are!!!  The Philipina and the Amazon.  haha



McFly said...

Barb - it's great to see you both - you look gorgeous. Have you thought about creating a documentary about yourself, for example on your blog or on youtube? I remember a few weeks ago you did a poll, what about you'll write on the blog - all the time we are waiting :)


Barbie said...

I know, and my son is my appointed "photographer" for this, and he's slackin'!! He's got pics on his phone that he still hasn't sent to me! lol I will get to it, i promise. I've got a LOT on my plate right now:)