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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monday Will Be THE Day!

Several of y'all have sent me messages via Facebook, YouTube, and my website, asking how progress is going on my back flips. Well, it's been going great!!  If you recall, I had a horrible mental block for a while.  Hell, those are freakin' scary!!  One day, I just said to my coach, "Let's do backs today," and I did!  She is barely spotting me now! Monday, she is making me try them alone!  It's scary, but also very exciting!   She had me do them on the floor one day, which is a very different feeling than landing in the resi, but that will be the next step!  My goal is still to have it in my routine at Jr. Nationals this year!  I WILL do it!!  I will try to upload a video for you! Videos from my phone never seem to upload on here. I'll give it a shot though.  Oh ya...and no goggles this time. hahaha 

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