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Monday, April 8, 2013

Speaking in Canada

This past weekend was an adventure to say the least!   My friend Shelly and I traveled all the way to Brantford, Ontario to speak at a fund raising event for the Children's Safety Village and Everyday Heros.  BTW, you can learn more about my awesome friend at 
Fri morning, after we arrived at the airport, Shelly mentioned our passports, which I quickly remembered that I left at home.  I raced home and back to the airport, only to miss the flight...kind of. I got back just in the knick of time for them to close the airplane door, which they refused to open for us.  The key note speaker (me) is not supposed to miss her flight!!  As you can imagine, the entire day went an entirely different direction than was planned, with several twists and turns along the way.  We eventually did make it to our destination a day later than we planned and just in time to have lunch and get on stage to speak. Talk about cutting it close!! We then had to turn around the next day and make our trek back to Arizona.  It was a LONG 3 days!  We were so happy to be home. Shelly and I sure had fun together though, as we always do, and made some new friends and met some other amazing people in Canada as well! The newspaper in Brantford ran a story that I'm told landed on the front page!  I'm hoping I get a copy of it to add to my collection:)


McFly said...

Barbie, will you post the video from the trip and speaking? It would be very nice to see you

Barbie said...

I don't have a video of it. Sorry:(

McFly said...

Barbie - will you back to your video blog? I love to see, listen you and it would be great to be your faithful audience again :)

Leonard Fong Roka said...

You really a jewel of inspiration for a lost Bougainvillean...Just joined your blog and I beg you to sign into my blog also. God bless you

Leonard Fong Roka said...

Will be reading more of your thoughts since you really unique since God had a purpose in you and thus saved you