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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Long and the Short of It

So, if you've seen any pictures of me over the years...or if you know me, then you know how often I change my hair! My hair is kinda like one of my trademarks! The color changes almost every time I go to my hair dresser, and length(and style...or lack of it sometimes) has been over my ears, close to my scalp short, down to my waist, and everywhere in between! The great thing about hair is that if you color it and hate it(or just get bored with it like I do), then you can change it! If you cut it short and decide you want it longer, it grows back!!! Fortunately for me, my hair grows really fast!
In the spring(this year), my hair was well past my shoulders, and I decided I wanted it short again....after growing it out over the last few years. YES!! It's a vicious cycle! Anyway, I got it cut short...and then shorter...and shorter...and shorter! Now, it's the shortest it's ever been. I love it! However, even though I love it, I'm starting to miss my long hair!
Today I mentioned to Q that I miss my long hair. To my surprise(because he thinks short hair is sexy), he said, "I kinda do too!"
So, now I'm deciding whether or not I wanna grow it out again or not. Growing it out SUCKS!! My hair looks like shit during all those "in-between" stages. When it gets to the point that I can't stand it any more, I end up cutting it short again anyway.
What a dilemma!! Decisions, decisions!!! I guess you'll know next time you see me what I decided to do!!

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Bling for the King said...

You have great hair and it looks good in so many styles. Be adventurous and go for fun!! Miss you girl...