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Sunday, November 7, 2010

NPC Western Regional

Last night was the 2010 NPC Western Regional, which was a particularly special show for my hubby and I to attend because it is where we first met 4 years ago!!!!   I haven't gone with him to shows in quite a while because of my own self-consciousness due to my weight/appearance.  However, since I've been able to lose 29 lbs, I was really excited to go!  I even wore a pair of capris that I couldn't button less than a month they're too big!!  YEAH!!
Anyway, it felt very different being there.  I guess maybe it's just the next generation of competitors; I donno.  Usually, everybody knows everybody. Everyone hangs out in the lobby chit-chatting and having a ball!  This time, I felt kind of like an outsider looking in.  Of course, we did get to see some old friends and other familiar faces, which was nice, but it just seems like it has really changed.  Now, there are less and less bodybuilder and fitness type people running around and more and more bikini competitors.  It's sad to me to see where this sport is headed.  There was only 1 fitness competitor at this show:(   Fitness began falling due to the rise in Figure competitors. Now, they've added the Bikini division, which is totally ridiculous, IMO.  Withing the next 2 years, they will be doing away with Female Bodybuilding and adding Women's Physique(with no pro cards given). They will also be adding the Men's Physique division.  I feel like our sport is fading away.
OK, on a happier old trainer, Mike Haller, competed in the Super Heavies, won his class AND took the Overall!!  I am so proud of him, and he looked totally awesome and did an awesome routine with great posing, music, and was very entertaining!!  Congrats, Mike!!  I have another friend whose son competed, and he also did a fabulous job! Gil got 3rd place in his class!!!  His routine was great!!! He was one of the few who you could tell he actually practiced his routine and posing! I know his dad is a proud papa!!!
I had several people ask me when I'm going to compete again.  Due to my knees and other health issues, I doubt I will ever be up on that stage again, BUT I sure do miss it! Fitness competition is in my blood!! I don't think the desire will ever go away.  So, never say never, right??!!
We also got to see our friends, Scott and Diana, Elise, Brittany, Joy, Chris and a few others.  It was great seeing everyone!  I'm excited to show up at the next show in tip-top shape(only spectating, not competing!) my old self again!!
For now, peace y'all!!


McFly said...

Barb - did you think about video blog? I can't wait for your new blog. I'm your fan

McFly said...

for your new look - sorry :)

Barbie said...

I'm definitely more comfortable behind a keyboard than in front of a video camera:)