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Monday, December 6, 2010

I Finally Hit a Plateau

Before Thanksgiving, I reached 148lbs!  That's a 34 lb.loss!!  Since then, my weight hasn't budged. GRRRRR.....  Plateaus are so frustrating!!  I have increased my cardio (by time and intensity), added more exercises to my weight training, added a little bit of plyometric work in, and still I am 148. I'm not gonna try and lie by saying my diet has been perfect, but I honestly haven't cheated much at all!  I know this happens, and eventually I will break this plateau and continue on with my transformation!
I have gotten a little bit of flack for not being happy at 148lbs, but I'm not satisfied yet!!  I'm used to being no more than 130lbs in my "off season"..and around 13-15% body fat!  I am carrying around 20% body fat right now.  I really couldn't care less if my weight stays right where it is, as long as my body composition improves!  I would like to have no more than 15% body fat again!  So, I will keep pluggin' away until I get there!!!  My goal is to have lost 40 lbs by new years day!!! I'm keeping my toes crossed....and my body movin'!!

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McFly said...

Congratulations Barb :) That's big success :) But we still waiting for your photos with your progress and still nothing... :(