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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to Update

     I just noticed that I haven't posted in like 10 months!!  HOLY COW!!  I knew it had been a while, but I didn't realize it had been that long!!!  
     So, last time I posted, I had hit a plateau, which is where I'm at again!  I did reach my goal of 62lbs lost, but I've rebounded just a little.  I am happy where I'm at right now though.  I have decided to come out of retirement, so to speak, and get back on the fitness stage!!  It's in my blood, and I guess I'm just not quite ready to give it up.  I am aiming to compete on March 10, here in AZ! 
     My hubby and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary!!  Time sure flies!!  We were planning on going to Las Vegas during Olympia time to celebrate, since we got married there 2 years ago, but life happened:(  We ended up spending a few days at The Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.  It was very nice!!  I still think I'll keep him! haha  
     Next week, we will be taking family photos. So, today, I've been shopping the clearance racks with my boys!!  We've decided to wear all white!  We've had a successful day! I love clearances!!
     Speaking of photos, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah last week and shot with the amazing fitness photographer, Rob Sims, for 3 days!!  I had a blast with everyone there!!  I was T-totally wiped out when I got home though!!!  I will use those photos to update my web site as soon as I get them from Rob.   So, keep your eyes peeled for that!!   I plan on shooting with him again in Feb, when I'm in better shape.  I can't wait!!!  I'll expand on that a little more in my next blog:)
     Other than that, not much has happened!  Right now, it's football season.  With two boys playing, we keep very busy!!  My older boy plays for his high school freshman team, which is kinda nice!!  My little guy has had an awesome season, too.  They've won every game but one!!  I love watching my boys play, but I will be glad when the season is over. 
     Last week, we had a death in the family.  My son Jared got a cute little teddy bear hamster for his 11th birthday, and he named her Sally.  Sadly, Sally only lived about a month.  We had to put her in the ground this past weekend.  She is missed.  We will be getting another one soon.  He wants to find a black and white one to name cute.

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