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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Different Things

     Well, we now have a new family member!  She is a short haired hamster, and her name is Oreo.  Jared is SURE his one is going to live a long time.  However, if this one doesn't live, he wants a dwarf hamster to name Midget. haha  Cute, huh!!
     Jared's football team is in the playoffs now, and they won the first game.  If they go all the way, we'll be going to Florida in December.  Oh the joys of football! 
     Jordan's football season is over, thank God.  It's been a terrible season for him.  Before they even played their first game, he got a concussion, which kept him from playing for several weeks.  Then, he came down sick, which kept him out a few more weeks.  He only played in two games this season.  Next year will be much better, hopefully!!  He has decided he is going to try out for the basketball team now!  Yay!!  I'm glad my boys like to stay active!
     Zoe is finally over being mad at me for leaving. haha  She was MAD at me for going on vacation!!  Thank goodness she's over it:)
     Monday is Halloween!!  Guess what I'm gonna be??!!!  An armless girl!!  I'm going to be in a friend's haunted house.  I'm going to wear a sleeveless shirt and have fake blood running down my shoulders like someone just chopped off my arms.  i know, I know...I have a sick sense of humor.  Get over it. lol

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