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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mom's Advice

When I was a teenager, like most teenagers I didn't think my parents knew diddly squat about anything.  My response to just about anything they tried to tell me was, "Whatever."  BTW, I still say that sometimes, not usually to my parents though.   However, my mom gave me a piece of advice that for some reason stuck with me. Although, it didn't hit me until I was in college, and I realized she was right.  That's a humbling experience...realizing your mother was right!! haha  Anyway, I used to not understand (in high school, jr. high) why the boys didn't ever want to date me.  OK, NOW looking back, I understand that it had a lot to do with them not being sure what their friends would think.  In college, the boys did a complete 180* turn around, and it didn't seem to matter to them that I didn't have arms.  When I realized that boys actually DID like me now, it also occurred to me that something else had changed within myself......I had learned to love and accept myself the way I am.  The advice my mother had given me a few years earlier was: YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN EVER EXPECT THAT ANYONE ELSE WILL.  HOW CAN ANYONE ELSE LOVE YOU IF YOU DON'T EVEN LOVE YOURSELF?  After all, I am ALWAYS going to be like this.  I guess I just finally learned to accept that.  I also learned that I am a pretty cool chick!!  Why WOULDN'T anyone like/love me??  lol   So, to anyone else who is struggling with the same thing, or is in a similar situation, I am telling you....I guarantee that if your attitude about yourself and your situation changes, so with others' attitudes change!!  Attitude really does make a HUGE difference!!  I know you've heard this before as well, but CONFIDENCE (not to the point of cockiness) is BEAUTIFUL, even sexy at times!!  
So, adjust that attitude, love yourself, believe in yourself, and let your confidence shine through!!  Trust me, people will notice, but beyond that YOU will be so much better off and SO much happier!
Now, I would just like to say, "THANKS MOM!!!  YOU WERE RIGHT...AGAIN!"  

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