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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today, someone asked me a question....a question that I get asked A LOT! So, I decided I should just write a short blog about it. Here's my chance to answer the question (well, one of them) that everyone asks me: HOW DO I GET MOTIVATED AND STAY MOTIVATED TO KEEP GOING TO THE GYM, KEEP TRAINING, AND KEEP MYSELF FIT????? 
The answer is a multi-part answer yet quite simple really.  First of all, if I don't keep myself in decent shape, it's difficult for me to function and just do daily tasks. When I slack on training, I tend to let my healthy eating habits fly right out the window, too.  When I don't train and don't eat well, I gain weight, retain a lot of water, my back hurts, my feet hurt, my knees swell, and it becomes difficult....even painful at times to use my legs and feet the way I need to.  Plain and staying in shape, I feel better, look better, and I can function much easier.
The second part of my answer is: goal setting.  I am always setting new goals for myself. Some are long term goals and some are just small short term goals, but there is ALWAYS  a goal I am setting out to achieve.  Sometimes, my goals are as simple as just keeping my eating in check or stretching for 5 extra minutes a day.  Other times, like now, I'm aiming to lose 10% body fat by March 10.  I rarely do ab exercises. So, sometimes I shoot to do abs at least once per week.  Recently, my goal (which I have achieved) was to be able to go for an entire hour on the stepmill.  If there isn't a goal in sight, you really don't know what you're working toward!! You've got to know know where you're going in order to figure out how to get there, so to speak. 
Rewards are also a good thing.  Reaching any goal, big or small, is something to celebrate!  I might reward myself with a cheat food, a new pair of shoes, a night off from cardio, new make-up....or whatever it is that floats my boat at the time.
Last, but not least: I HATE when I can't fit into my favorite clothes!  So, fitting into my clothes is definitely a motivator for me as well!
I hope this answers the questions about my motivation!!  If there are more questions, PLEASE feel free to ask me, and I will do my best to answer them!

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