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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blingy Bling Bling!

     Yesterday, I discussed my determination to see this contest through.  Today, I'm getting excited!  I took my routine costume down to 'Luv My Bling' to get it all fancy-dancy blinged out!!  I wanted to keep my costume simple this year, but I just could NOT go on stage without bling!  I should have it back in about a week!  I can't wait to see it!  Ya, I know...I'm easily excited.  All it takes is sparkly and shiny stuff!  Now I just have to decide what shoes I'll wear:)   Fitness girls have so many choices to make, but it's SO much fun!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Barbie!

My name is Isaura Ogawa, and I work at the Iconography sector of YAN Comunicação in São Paulo, Brazil.

We're now producing to Moderna Publisher an English teachbook called "Log In to English" Volume 3- 2ª Edição, in which the editors would like to use a recent photograph of you, along with your children.

Could you send us a picture like that? Is there any cost for that?

You can email me for more details at

Any questions, I am at your disposal.

Best wishes form Brazil,
Isaura Ogawa

enthusiastically, dawn said...

Barb, You are inspiring! Found you through a Christian Post Facebook status post! The video of you on You Tube that your son (I think) took brought tears to my eyes-
Drop by and visit me!